Currently reading: Etiquette advice for drivers
How to behave when you are behind the wheel

Etiquette guide Debrett's has issued a guide to polite motoring in modern-day Britain.

The 47-page book promises to teach drivers the "right and proper way to behave behind the wheel".

Advice includes telling motorists they should open the door for female passengers, ask if the music, and air-con setting is okay and taking a break if you're getting annoyed.

Motorists are also advised not to sing in the car unless they're a pro, make sexist jokes about women or hoot the horn in an angry fashion.

Debrett's adviser Jo Bryant said: "Driving is an area where people often forget their manners and display aggressive behaviour. Being considerate on the road is important."

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Stephen Guckel 8 April 2010

Re: Etiquette advice for drivers

Lee23404 wrote:
Mr G you are clearly a better man than me.

Not at all, Lee. When your job relies (relied) on good temper. it gives you a far different perspective.

However, there was a small woman in London turn round to look at me after he drove through a light, and mouthed 'F*** Off!' at me. I couldn't stop laughing. She made the error, then got angry at me!

How utterly rediculous the human animal is. Glad I'm not one.

IainStirling 7 April 2010

Re: Etiquette advice for drivers

disco.stu wrote:
"Baby on Board"

And they don't always say Baby on Board...

...I saw one in a Corsa the other day that read "In emergency, screw driver on back seat".

scamper 7 April 2010

Re: Etiquette advice for drivers

It is of course a scientific fact that cars with `baby on board' stickers in the back are actually driven by some of the worst drivers around - ie those on the school run, still half asleep.

It would be helpful if those with such stickers could remove them when the kiddies are not in the car - then, the rest of us could resort back to our usual terrible driving standards. ;-)