Currently reading: Electric cars 'need steel bodies'
Steel manufacturers say their product must be used to maximise cars' green potential

The next generation of electric cars will need specially designed steel bodies to maximise their green potential, according to the world’s biggest steel makers.

A new research project, the Future Steel Vehicle (FSV), is experimenting with redesigned structural parts in an electric car’s bodywork, including the sills, front crash structure, roof and battery carrier, to cut weight and save energy.

Engineers are also evaluating various steels to balance their strength in an EV body against the energy used in its manufacture. This will minimise the whole-life energy costs of an EV.

Previous steel industry projects have advanced the design of lightweight steel car bodies, doors and suspensions.

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shopa 14 May 2010

Re: Electric cars 'need steel bodies'

I have invented a way to make small cars safer in collisions.
It will allow auto makers to make their cars lighter to help meet the new CAFE fuel economy rules.
It will also help auto makers meet the new NHTSA side impact into a pole test.

Electric vehicle range is very sensitive to vehicle weight, and my invention can enable substantial weight reduction. Less steel will be needed to protect passengers.

The invention has been granted US patents 7,695,018 and 7,699,347.
Please help me promote this invention that can save fuel and lives.

FriendlyFisherman 13 May 2010

Re: Electric cars 'need steel bodies'

disco.stu wrote:

Simon_667 wrote:
Surely crashing an electric car with a steel body is just a horrible accident waiting to happen?

Surely crashing an electric car with a steel body is a horrible accident actually happening? ;)

It is... and don't call me Surely

Maxycat 13 May 2010

Re: Electric cars 'need steel bodies'

golfman wrote:
Since plastic is cheaper than steel,

Plastics used in packaging are indeed fairly cheap, in volume, not of course weight compared to steel. The problem is that high quality engineering plastics are not cheap. You could have external body panels, mounted on a metal frame for strength, made of cheaper plastics but the finish would not match a metal bodied car. Plastics of course are made from oil so the enviromentalists hate them as much or more than metals especially due to recycling problems.