Government launches eco scheme for used cars
2 November 2009

A colour-coded label to tell customers how green used cars are has been launched by the government.

The 'Used Car Fuel Economy Label' is a voluntary scheme and so far 1000 dealers have signed up. It follows on from a similar scheme launched for new cars in 2005.

Information displayed on the label includes CO2 emissions, the estimated fuel cost over 12,000 miles and fuel economy.

Dealers can choose to just label cars up to two years old or vehicles manufactured after 1 March 2001.

“Running costs and environmental performance are increasingly important to new and used car buyers,” said minister for transport Sadiq Khan. “I am therefore delighted that the new car label is now joined by a similar used car label.”

AA president Edmund King said research shows more motorists are putting fuel efficiency first when buying new and used cars.

“However, used car buyers are currently kept in the dark regarding fuel efficiency when looking at used cars on dealer’s forecourts. In an AA panel survey, 91 per cent supported a fuel economy label on used cars, so with this launch they will be better informed about future running costs.”

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19 April 2010

[quote Autocar]A colour-coded label to tell customers how green used cars are has been launched by the government.[/quote]

What a complete joke. The scheme I mean , not the Government. Then again....

19 April 2010

[quote Uncle Mellow]What a complete joke. The scheme I mean , not the Government. Then again....[/quote] I don't see a problem with this - I think its important that when you're on a forecourt rather than nipping off to parkers to checking fuel economy etc its available to see on the vehicle itself. Add to this a colour coding for people without 2 braincells to rub together and more importantly the fuel cost over 12,000 miles (allows you to work out how much money you'd save) it's a pretty good idea. How many people have gone to buy a supermini and decided on something like a 03 1.4 polo auto that'll do 37 mpg (and blow a head gasket or two...) when there were a similarly priced Jazz auto there that does 47mpg instead. 28% saving on fuel is not to be sniffed at.

2 November 2009

Complete hogwash. You can't predict the environmental performance of a car until you know if it is going to be scrapped prematurely to take advantage of some hairbrained government scrappage scheme. Did the manufacurers go to the trouble of galvanising modern bodyshells so that cars could be scrapped at 10 years of age ?

3 November 2009

Absolute waste of tax payers money and government time, how many millions did the government spent on research and consultancy to introduce these labels???? at the end of the day if i find a car that's not too ''green''' for me i wont buy it but someone else is going to so it will still be on the road emitting ''non-green stuff'' so why waste time and money......who comes up with these ideas??? are they living in the real world????

3 November 2009

Just how stupid does this government think we are?

(probably better not answer that)

What next, a label to tell us what colour it is, or how many seats it's got?

3 November 2009

1 for every used car on the forecourt effectivley then, as per new cars they will be specific to model and engine which in turn means that the dealer will be printing off from a central database rather than keeping an emmission sheet for every car derivative in the country.

so 1 per car, say 40 used cars per month from each dealership (working on small numbers) 1000 dealers currently signed up 480,000 sheets of A4 to be used then as an absolute minimum just to be thrown away after 4 - 5 weeks.

Well worth it

6 November 2009

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