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American brand will be phased out under Fiat's ownership

The Dodge brand is likely to be dropped from the Chrysler Group’s European line-up as part of partner Fiat’s new plans for the company, to be announced in mid-November.

Dodge was launched in Europe in 2006 but has failed to match Chrysler’s ambitions for it. Just under 4000 Dodges were sold in the UK in 2008.

At the same time, the Chrysler brand is to be moved upmarket. In its heyday in the US it was considered a more prestigious marque than Chevrolet and Ford.

Chrysler also plans to use the RAM nameplate as a brand for its commercial vehicles. This will allow the company to separate them from the Dodge line-up, whose performance credentials it plans to further develop.

As part of this strategy, Dodge will develop new models in concert with Alfa Romeo, despite the American brand’s planned withdrawal from Europe.

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fuzzybear 9 October 2009

Re: Dodge to be dropped in Europe

artill wrote:
No. Drop Chrysler, not Dodge. We lose the 300c (shame, but had its day now), but could have both the Challenger and Charger instead.

I agree, although i do like seeing the occassional 300c on the roads

Uncle Mellow 9 October 2009

Re: Dodge to be dropped in Europe

Many years ago the Rootes Group ( Hillman etc) used to make trucks

which were branded as "Dodge" . They were interesting because they had two-stroke turbocharged diesel engines. Eventually Dodge was dropped in Europe.

Dorsetdave 9 October 2009

Re: Dodge to be dropped in Europe

Fake Elvis wrote:
Come on! there are many cars worse than Land Rovers, most of which come from America. I've just spent a week driving a Dodge Challenger and it was truly awful.

No car is worse than Land Rover and it's Indian but MADE IN ENGLAND!

Bottom of every reliablity surveys and you have to keep moving the steering wheel side to side just to stay in a straight line!

A friend of mine bought a Dodge Caliber CRD a year ago for £6000 and 8,000 miles and a year later made a £1200 profit from a dealer! It had a VW engine that done over 50 MPG and it was brilliant!

Not all US cars are bad and as a brit I won't be throwing stones while in this green house while we claim to make the Land Rover!