Premiums could soar under new proposals
30 September 2009

Insurance premiums would soar if a proposal to blame car drivers for any accidents involving cyclists is adopted, experts warn.

A change in civil law has been suggested by Cycling England, an agency funded by the Department for Transport, that could make the more powerful vehicle in an accident automatically liable for insurance and compensation.

As part of a number of ideas to encourage drivers to ditch their cars in favour of bicycles, Phillip Darnton, chief executive of Cycling England, said the “legal onus” should be placed on motorists.

However, the Association for British Insurers has warned this could cause a hike in insurance premiums across the board.

“A significant increase in claims would mean higher premiums,” said a spokesman. The AA agrees. “Insurance premiums would go up without a shadow of a doubt,” said Paul Watters, its head of public affairs.

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30 September 2009

In principle a good idea if it encourages more cycle use in and around towns. Being a sceptic I do wonder if its simply a cheapskate option for the Govt. Rather than investing in cycling infrastructure that supports separation of cycles from powered road vehicles simply blame Joe Bloggs for any accident and make grandiose claims for supporting sustainable transport! I reckon it'll increase hit and runs also.

30 September 2009

A significant hike in the number of claims might mean that in the medium term, motorists give a little more respect to cyclists and think a bit harder before pulling crazy manouvers like overtaking then turning left across you; or trying to squeeze past you on fast roads without crossing the central white lines and doing a proper overtake.

30 September 2009

Why can't they mandate compulsory refresher courses for cyclists and motorists every six months or so? Make them respect each other.

Motorists should be "forced" to ride bicycles in simulated environments or on closed off road sections to understand the problems facing bicycles. By the same token, cyclists should be "forced" to pilot vehicles (even if it's an auto with dual controls) to learn of blind spots and the like. This seems to me to be a greater service to the public rather than forcing motorists to cough up extra for the benefit of cyclists and thus increasing their not-inconsiderable resentment. Ditto for the cyclists. Then again, perhaps I'm too naive...

p.s. I use a car, motorbike and a bicycle alternatively, so I know the problems faced by each.

30 September 2009

How many people think if I get knocked of my bike it won't be my fault before geting on their bicycle? I would suggest none. So how is this going to encourage people onto bicycles? I'm sure most car drivers wouldn't think about it either, especially once the 5 minutes of publicity has died down.

The last thing any of us needs is to have to pay for somebody else's mistakes within the premium of our car insurance. We're already paying about £40 a year each for all the feckless morons who don't insure their cars.

All this will do is give the large minority of cyclists who ride like complete tosspots to carry on as they were, safe in the knowledge that if they do get knocked off going through yet another red light they'll get some cash out of it.

30 September 2009

"Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Automatically assuming that the fault is on the 'driver' of the more powerful vehicle is surely a contravention of the above! Surely, as likely as it is that motorists over take cyclists in dangerous places, cyclists could pull out of a junction without looking! It all comes down to who is in control of the 'mode of transport' i.e. it could be an idiot motorist, it could be an equally as stupid cyclist. Every case should be taken on it's merits and the outcome determined by situation, which is what i hope happens now. Motorists fault, the motorists insurance company pays out, cyclists fault the motorist insurance...pays....hmmm? To turn the issue round, perhaps cyclist should obtain insurance for road use? Tax maybe? Another issue i know! Ultimately this is just the sort of close minded idea that is likely to be taken up by our government - it's wrong and I don't like it!

30 September 2009

And also might i add they make no contribution to the transport system either!, i know cycling is a good health idea, but they use the roads like us, they make mistakes just like us, but they rarely get caught, there's no insurance to claim against(as far as i'm aware)if there is please enlighten me.I also think that if we're being encouraged onto two wheels that a road tax of some discription and insurance should be looked at by the government, afterall car drivers are taxed within an inch of their lives and commit an offence and Gordon and his merry men relieve you of a few bags of hard earned gold!, so it's about time cyclists paid their way!

Peter Cavellini.

30 September 2009

Clearly if involved in an accident with a cyclist, the only solution is reverse over them so they can't dob you in to the police afterwards.

30 September 2009

even if in insurance terms the car becomes liable, it could lead to cyclists involved in an accident being worse off. which i hope they take into consideration. because if i was driving and a cyclist crashed into me, then yes my insurance would cover it automatically. but then i would take the matter to court and claim all the legal expenses etc while suing the cyclist for everything. which would not have happened if there was no automatic claim in the 1st place.

30 September 2009

So, when a cyclist rides his bike head on into my car as I am parked at the kerb waiting to pull out, and he breaks my number plate and grill, and his head puts a huge dent in my bonnet... because HE was on the wrong side of the road. it'll be my fault!!

Oh yes, this did happen last year at a cost to me of over £600 because he had no insurance, only in future I'll have to pay for his bike damage as well, and his torn clothes.

The only compensation I got last year was seeing the blood stream down his face, and I was lucky there were several witnesses that he was to blame, otherwise I would have been in trouble with the police if it had been un-witnessed!!!!

30 September 2009

This will just encourage cyclist to act like even bigger morons on the road knowing they have no responsibility for their actions. I suggest we get out there and run as many over as possible before this gets pushed through by the eco idiots. ; )


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