New signs to be printed in English and Cornish
17 November 2009

Cornish road signs could soon be printed in both English and Cornish as part of a bid to promote the region's traditional language.

Cornwall Council will adopt a new Cornish Language policy, which will demand that street signs are written in both languages.

The changes will only apply to new or replacement signs.

Around 300 people are believed to be fluent in Cornish, while a few thousand can recognise a few words.

However, councillor Dick Cole said the decision could boost the Cornish economy.

"Cornwall's uniqueness is its Celtic heritage and we have to promote that to attract more overseas visitors," he said.

The decision has not been given a universal welcome, though.

Councillor Morwenna Williams said: 'This will not be welcomed in my part of the county. Some people in Cornwall will find this ridiculous and unnecessary.'

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17 November 2009

[quote Autocar]councillor *** Cole[/quote]


It's a ridiculous plan, I'm Cornish and don't want the silly language to be kept alive for the purposes of tourism of money. If some Cornish language experts wish to keep passing it on to a few people that's fine.

17 November 2009

Only a local council could come up with such a daft way to waste money. So PC stupid it is hilarious.

Maybe my home county could have signs in Polish as well as everytime I go back I really wonder if I am in Warsaw or Wellingborough Morrisons.

17 November 2009

Fine! well I want the same here in Birmingham.

No Entry - yow ay alowd

Caution - ay up

No waiting - gi out o' it

No left turn - yow gonna be allright

17 November 2009

[quote Autocar]Around 300 people are believed to be fluent in Cornish, while a few thousand can recognise a few words.[/quote] Perhaps the "around 300 people" would like to pay for the new signs ? This is one of the most stupid ideas I've heard in a long time. Just goes to show how extremist nutters can easily gain influence in local councils; why aren't the (undoubtedly) highly paid, professional council officers putting a stop to this sort of waste of money ?

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

17 November 2009


Nobody even speaks this language. The 300 that are fluent, also happen to be fluent in english.

17 November 2009

I live in the black country can't wait til they start putting black country signs up!

No Entry

Yo Bay Gooin darn theyer

round about

raand abouwt

Here's to the crazy ones......

17 November 2009

As stupid as it is, I think there are a lot of people are missing the point of why they have done it....... as a "tourist" attraction.

Now, yes, it is debateable that it will make a jot of difference to the local economy and it is just p**sing money away, but they haven't done it because its PC, they've done it because it is quaint!

Now when they do it in Essex......

Southend-on-Sea - Fend

Essex - Essix

Keep Left - Its over there anit

Parking Area - F*** Spot



It's all about the twisties........

17 November 2009

Fact 1. It only applies to new or damaged signs that need replacing. So no extra cost.

Fact 2. The cornish language is part of the rich cultural heritage of Cornwall. Many words are in everyday usage. So far from dead.

Fact 3. This country seems happy to accept immigrant cultures to this country but seems disrespectful toward our own heritage.

Fact 4. I feel saddened I had to actually draw attention of these facts to people including a so called Cornishman.

17 November 2009

What's Cornish for caravan?

17 November 2009

Though said in jest, many areas/regions.counties of England seem to feel that they have 'Nation' Status.

Cornwall is probably the only one that can actually claim this due to it's history of rebellion against all the invaders of the last 2000 years, or so.

If the language is Cornish Celtic, then why shouldn't they demand dual language signs? It is a real language, rather than mere local accent or coloqual English. The Non-Emmets deserve something of their own to underline their difference from the rest of England?

It's something that England is learning to it's cost. The Celtic Areas were never theirs and never will be. Celts will never be silenced on this despite their dated arguements that are at odds with a world that talks about 'tolerance' and understanding. I was recently amused when a Yorkshireman demanded a 'devolved' govenment for Yorkshire. This is where the difference in views is underlined.

Wales, Ulster and Scotland are different countries within the Union, not a region of England. The Cornish have always felt this way about Cornwall. Even if they are only 300 that demand it, why not?

An Gof.


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