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French newspaper cliams Citroen will launch a sub-brand to rival Renault's Dacia

Citroen is planning to launch a new sub-brand with low-carbon, low-cost cars, according to a report in a French newspaper.

La Tribune claims the sub-brand will be called Essentiele (essential) and could feature a production version of the C-Cactus model, which was launched at the Frankfurt motor show in 2007.

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The C-Cactus featured a diesel-hybrid powertrain, although a small standard petrol or diesel engine is more likely to make production. The C-Cactus was designed to be built using fewer parts than normal, thus keeping its costs down.

A simplified version of the 2CV-inspired Revolte concept shown at Frankfurt last week may also be considered for sale under the brand.

Citroen has recently launched its new DS brand at the premium end of the market and if Essentiele is introduced, it will see a return to the days of the 1950s where Citroen sold its premium DS and entry-level 2CV at the same time.

Essentiele would also be a rival for Renault’s Dacia sub-brand, which has enjoyed vast success across mainland Europe during the continent’s various scrappage schemes.

Citroen will not be making any comment on the reports.

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