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Fiat's fuel-saving technology will be passed to American partner

Fiat is preparing to apply its revolutionary fuel-saving Multiair technology to Chrysler cars.

The Multiair system works by allowing direct control of air and combustion in engines, cylinder by cylinder and stroke by stroke without the use of a conventional throttle.

As a result, it saves energy wasted in traditional systems, cutting fuel consumption and increasing power by around 10 per cent.

Fiat must reduce Chrysler's average emissions if it is to expand its shareholding in the company, as part of the terms of its takeover agreement with the US government.

Lucio Bernard, a director at Fiat Powertrain Technologies, told Automotive News, "They are already discussing the use of Multiair for Chrysler. It is low-invasive hardware that can be applied to existing engines.

"The main revolution is in the flexibility of the control of the air that the engine can take in. For the first time we can optimise all the parameters together: power, fuel consumption, torque and emissions."

In Europe the 1.4-litre petrol-engined Alfa Romeo Mito will be the first car to be sold with the Multiair technology, but it is expected to be applied to all Fiat Group cars in time.

Mito to get revolutionary engine

It will also be applied to a new 900c two-cylinder engine that will power Fiat's small cars.

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