Currently reading: Chrysler ditches user manuals
Paper manual have been ditched in favour of instructional DVDs

Chrysler has ditched the traditional car manual in the US in favour an instructional DVD.

The American firm claims it has switched away from the traditional manual to reduce the impact of the environment caused by producing 500-page guides for each model produced.

The move will reportedly save 930 tonnes of paper, the equivalent to 20,000 trees annually. The DVDs will be introduced on all Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge models for the 2010 model year.

An 80-page long guide will still be included with cars sold for use in an emergency when there’s no computer around. The DVDs will also include instructional videos on how to do certain things with the car, such as folding down the soft-top on the Jeep Wrangler.

Full-page manuals will still be available on request by contacting dealers.

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Lee23404 23 September 2009

Re: Chrysler ditches user manuals

Good idea, I've never used the manual for for my car. I downloaded it from the manufacturers webiste and use the e version instead.

rosstopher 23 September 2009

Re: Chrysler ditches user manuals

There is an 80 page booklet for those sorts of things

Vidge 123 23 September 2009

Re: Chrysler ditches user manuals

Good idea, until you are in the middle of nowhere with no computer and you need to change a light bulb or reset the tire pressure meter or some such.

but then i guess you could call them up and ask the question.