Not reverting to GMT could make our roads safer
25 October 2007

The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has issued a warning relating to the increase in accidents caused by the clock going back.On the 28 October at 01.00am, British time will be set back an hour to Greenwich Mean Time.This makes for lighter mornings but also means that the daylight goes earlier in the evening. RoSPA claims that up to 450 deaths and serious injuries would be prevented each year if we remained one hour ahead of GMT (the time zone currently used in summer) in the winter, and then moved the clocks forward another hour in the summertime. Lack of visibility and poor conditions caused by the darker winter evenings are the main cause of this surge in accidents, says RoSPA. This puts everyone more at risk, especially vulnerable road users such as children and the elderly.RoSPA says that more accidents happen in the longer evening rush-hour than in the mornings, so having lighter evenings makes more sense than lighter mornings.If the safer road conditions aren't incentive enough, RoSPA also reckons we'd also see a drop in obesity as people are more likely to exercise in the daylight, the leisure and tourism industry would profit and there would be savings in energy and fuel costs.We're all for safer roads and lighter evenings, but we're also easily confused. Does anyone have the time?

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26 October 2007

Can't we just leave the clocks alone! How many accidents are caused because people's body clocks have been thrown out of kilter and they haven't had a proper nights sleep?

26 October 2007

This gets raised every year and every year those of us old enough to remember the 'British Standard Time' experiment at the end of the sixties remember what it was like to get to work (or university in my case) at 8:30am in the dark. I was in Manchester at the time so just imagine what it would be like in Inverness or Stornoway when it would still be dark at 10:00am.

27 October 2007

One small point it's actually 0200 BST that the clocks go back.

27 October 2007

Im not sure where RoSpa get the numbers from, 450 sounds like a lot. I cant imagine they really know that, its almost certainly random numbers from a hat like all the other safety rubbish floating round that justify huge swathes of admin. I hate safety numpties, we have to fill in a 30 page form before we can do an experiment. Given that most of the answers on the cover all form were 'no' we asked them if we could have a summary on the front of the form identifying the pertinent risks. Their reply was 'no one would read the form then' . These people are so stupid because no one reads the forms because they are too long and hardly anyone fills the things in either!

For me the clock shift is a benefit because I leave home at 7 and drive for an hour, the clock shift means I get one of the trips in the light for a bit longer. If they stayed the same I would be driving the first and last part of the journeys in the dark.

28 October 2007

I have strange memories of this when i was at school. It was when we were all plied with reflective material. My overiding memory is of darkness and snow.

My body clock works on GMT not BST so i'm happy now.

29 October 2007

Got to say it was much easier getting up at 7 this morning now that its still light. I think it works better as people are up early more often, going to work etc than they are up late.

30 October 2007

I rather feel inclined to say, it doesn't make a blind bit of difference.

But as has been pointed out in the past, I'm frequently wrong.

(I'm not!)

30 October 2007

If G is wrong about something, or he doesnt know it, then its not worth knowing.

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