Broken light on speed limit sign forces CPS to drop speeding charge
9 April 2008

The Crown Prosecution Service has dropped its attempts to prosecute a motorist caught by Britain’s busiest speed camera, in a case that may have ramifications for thousands of other UK drivers.

Simon Grills was caught by the notorious Gatso at the southern end of the M11 motorway – dubbed Britain’s busiest speed camera after it was revealed it snaps up to 500 speeding motorists a day. Grills argued that, as the sign indicating the start of the 50mph zone the camera enforces was broken, it was unreasonable to prosecute him for breaking the limit.

Grills proved that the light on the 50mph sign was broken as long ago as November 2005 - meaning that thousands of motorists prosecuted by the same camera while driving at night may be able to overturn their convictions.

Amazingly, the light still hasn’t been fixed – although the Highways Agency claims that it will be mended over the next few days.

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11 April 2008

What's not so obvious is why we have speed cameras here or anywhere.

As you go by it 'quite a lot' is there a good reason for a 50mph limit here?

11 April 2008

I agree with James here. In my driving life I think this must be one of the first speed cameras there ever was. Even without signs it is very obvious. Yes it is just inside where the speed goes down from 70 to 50, but there is no possible way you could approach and pass that section of road or that camera without being aware of either the camera or the change in speed limit.

[quote JJBoxster]is there a good reason for a 50mph limit here?[/quote]

While I think it is far too early, there is a good reason for the reduced speed limit on that stretch of road. Broadly it works by bring all the traffic to a similar speed at the point ahead of where the M11 becomes the A406 and can get a bit lary with some people leaving it too late to be in the correct lane at the point where the junction splits.

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