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Boy racers top poll to find the most annoying British road users

Boy racers and drivers who don’t say thanks when you’ve let them out are the two most annoying types of road user for British motorists, according to an AA/Autocar survey that shows there’s a need for better manners on the UK’s roads.

Boy racers are the most annoying, with 42 per cent of UK drivers naming them as their number one irritation, but 41 per cent of those surveyed named drivers who don’t say thanks as the type they most dislike.

AA president Edmund King said, “Many drivers do thank others who let them out, but 37 per cent of male drivers and 46 per cent of female drivers still find it a major irritation. It does not take much to let someone into the queue of traffic or to acknowledge them.”

The survey was undertaken for the Autocar/AA Drive Better campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the standard of driving in the UK. The campaign believes an increase in politeness would help to make the UK’s roads a safer and more pleasant environment.

Autocar editor Chas Hallett said, “Personal transport is hugely important to all of us, but we need to make our roads better and safer places to be. Being nicer to other drivers and acknowledging their existence calms everyone down.”

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tannedbaldhead 18 October 2009

Re: Boy racers are 'most annoying'

ThePlumsofWrath wrote:

I have but one pet hate and it's 'drivers' who wear racing drivers boots when in a road car, usually Diadora or Puma.

Fools don't they know the best driving shoes ever were 1970s loafers as seen dancing on the pedals of a Ford Consul 3000GT on the opening credits of The Sweeney. Just ask Ayrton Senna.

moe360 18 October 2009

Re: Boy racers are 'most annoying'

ThePlumsofWrath wrote:

Moe, I trust you are the exception rather than the rule?

U hit the nail in the coffin with that statement :) l0l

boc7O 18 October 2009

Re: Boy racers are 'most annoying'

I think it's just mirroring wider society. I think that people are more aggressive, less patient, more selfish and much more likely to want to blame someone else for their own failings, like doing something stupid and then screaming abuse at everyone in sight.

I used to regularly go out just for a drive but I rarely do now because there's usually someone who'll spoil it.