Toyota favourite to announce next recall; Skoda ranked as least likely
8 February 2010

Bookmaker Paddy Power has issued odds on the next international car brand to issue a recall in excess of 100,000 units - and Toyota is the favourite, followed by Lexus.

Although the bets exclude the Toyota is odds-on at 1/3, followed by Lexus at 2/1 and Volvo at 12/1.

Skoda is ranked as the least likely to issue a recall, with odds of 66/1.

Paddy Power said “Ninety per cent of bets placed so far predict that Toyota will come a cropper again but with rumours circulating about a similar braking fault on the new Lexus hybrid I think the 2/1 about Lexus could be the value bet.”

Recall odds

1/3 Toyota2/1 Lexus12/1 Volvo 14/1 Audi14/1 Dodge16/1 Honda18/1 Hyundai18/1 Ford20/1 Volkswagon20/1 Nissan25/1 BMW25/1 Chrysler25/1 Mercedes-Benz33/1 Vauxhall33/1 Fiat40/1 Hummer40/1 Daewoo40/1 Alfa Romeo50/1 Ferrari66/1 Skoda

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8 February 2010

what a ridiculous thing to bet on! If I was a betting man, and I had to bet, it would be on GM, not Toyota. They may be in the running at the moment, but generally their reliability is spot on.


8 February 2010

Am I alone in thinking this is in bad taste? I think to take bets on such a subject matter is pretty bad considering the misery the whole Toyota saga is causing to all it's customers.

I also think 50/1 as odds on Ferrari recalling more than 100,000 cars is an insult, given their annual production levels.

8 February 2010

i've owned GM cars for years and not one has ever been recalled so stop dissing them 100-1 for gm :)

8 February 2010

[quote superstevie]If I was a betting man, and I had to bet, it would be on GM, not Toyota. [/quote]

That would be a bad bet! GM generally dont have that many recalls I dont think.

+ Toyota have recalled over the floor mats. Now they are recalling over the accelerators.

Plus on the horizon, theres a recall coming for the prius' faulty brakes. Its already been called in Japan, should be headed to the US, Europe and here shortly.

I wonder if its worth a bet.......

8 February 2010

[quote R32]...considering the misery the whole Toyota saga is causing to all it's customers...[/quote]

Football causes misery unending for the majority of its "customers", but betting on it isn't in bad taste? ;)

  • If you want to know about a car, read a forum dedicated to it; that's a real 'long term test' . No manufacturer's warranty, no fleet managers servicing deals, no journalist's name to oil the wheels...

8 February 2010

Well I think all betting is in bad taste myself, but this is just a plain daft thing to place bets on. I get where superstevie is coming from - people would probably place bets on GM going under... and I think Toyota are much further away from that danger than GM are (particular for them in the US, what with closing all their brands). I just think the whole media frenzy has got out of hand.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

8 February 2010

I read a piece in USA Today last week claiming a NYC cabbie could recreate the exact same braking problem by repeatedly driving his Prius cab over the same pothole. And Toyota are taking note. Honda of America must be rubbing their hands. And lets hope so after the Toyota targetted GM discounts - its cruel to add insult to injury....

9 February 2010

Toyota would have been a good bet then it seems - seeing as they have recalled a load of Prius' today!

9 February 2010

[quote fhp11]Toyota would have been a good bet then it seems - seeing as they have recalled a load of Prius' today![/quote]

Then put your money where your mouth is, as the saying goes, fhp11.

I don't know if I'm alone in this, but I'm fed up hearing about these recalls and complete misconceptions they engender. The mass stupidity it creates is worse than the faults themselves.

It also allows the pious to enforce their own versions of the holy writ of motoring. They don't even see they are embarrassing themselves.

I also agree that this 'bet' is in extremely bad taste.


9 February 2010

I'm not so sure that there's a linear relationship between reliability/safety and the number of recalls. To my mind it means the manufacturer is doing something about a problem.

1. There have been two or three minor recalls on the Focus RS to date.

2. Renault fought tooth and nail not to recall all the Clios to fix the bonnet catches.

So it's not just Toyota.

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