2012 Olympics will not lead to a large-scale uptake of electric vehicles as planned
18 November 2009

London’s 2012 Olympic organising team have claimed it was never their intention for electric cars to appear at the games on a large scale.

London 2012 had widely been expected to be a launch pad for the capital to create an electric infrastructure and a lasting legacy for electric cars, encouraging their uptake and getting them on the road in large volumes.

But Paul Deighton, chief executive of London’s organising committee, said time was against the capital if it wanted to create an electric network in time for the games.

“We didn’t want a big fleet of electric vehicles,” Deighton told Autocar. “We’re only just over two years or so away from the games and time is running out to create a viable network.”

BMW has been chosen as the supplier of more than 4000 vehicles for the games, but only a small proportion of these are likely to be electric. The Mini E will be used at the games, while BMW’s sales and marketing chief Ian Robertson said the firm’s MegaCity electric project could spawn a usable vehicle in time for 2012.

Deighton said London had never claimed the games would predominantly use electric cars. He argued the only firm commitment was to make the average CO2 emissions of the fleet less than 120g/km.

“Many of the vehicles will be used for around 18 hours a day,” he said. “It’s hard graft, and we knew BMW could supply the vehicles to meet these demands.”

Lord Sebastian Coe, the figurehead of the bid, said a great deal of embarrassment would be caused if the London fleet were to fail to meet the task.

“This is one of the key logistical areas of the games,” said Coe. “We have to get it right or risk spoiling the games for a lot of people.”

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When asked about why BMW was chosen, Coe said: “We made a very firm and strict emissions target. With BMW, this will be met. What type of cars will be used wasn’t a key part of the planning, although we want to be projecting the right image.”

Mark Tisshaw

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18 November 2009

Is there still going to be a small fleet of hydrogen fuel call London Taxis for VIP transport?



18 November 2009

Typical - the Olympics finally come to the UK and so we decide to promote everything best about Britain at the games - yes BMW!! I don't see the Germans ever selecting a UK firm for any activity over their own home grown companies.

The olympics should also be about what the UK can produce and achieve - so instead of going to just BMW it should have been vehicles that are made in the UK; so the mini's fine, but also Nissans (sunderland), Toyotas (Derby), Vauxhall and maybe even a Jaguar or the new Small Range Rover LRX.

18 November 2009

[quote Autocar]What type of cars will be used wasn’t a key part of the planning, although we want to be projecting the right image.”[/quote]

This is a disgrace, the Olympic Committee and the Government should hang their heads in shame. What image does using German cars project.

We - that's all us tax payers - spend £9billion on these games, sold to us as being a great boost for Britain and things British and we don't even use vehicles built in Britain. What message is it giving to the rest of the world - Britain has such a poor car industry it have to use a German supplier that builds vehicles in Germany, South Africa, the USA and so on. What impact would 4000 vehicles have on the struggling British vehicle manufacturing sector - at the very least it would improve the security of the factories by boosting their volumes. At best it would be an advert for those vehicles and certainly in the case of European exposure potentially increase the volumes by far more than the number of vehicles purchased for the games.

We build the best cars in the world here (Rolls, Bentley, Jaguar) and many other fine vehicles - we should use the opportunity of the games to shout about the great things that we can do in Britain.

18 November 2009

The thing which matters is that the Olympic games go off really well. Who cares who supplies the cars, or if they are electric?

18 November 2009

Well at least you will have electricity…

Rio pledges 'power island' immune from blackouts

You don’t need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
—Robert Allen Zimmerman

18 November 2009

[quote Scoobman]Who cares who supplies the cars, or if they are electric?[/quote]

I care, I am so sick of my taxes being pissed away on things that I don't want. I don't want the olympics cluttering up our craphole of a capital city and I don't want my taxes keeping people in munich happy in paid employment.

What moron put failed Tory MP Seb Coe in charge anyway?

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