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Bentley is "open" to adding plug-in hybrid technology, according to its engineering chief

Bentley is open to adding plug-in hybrid drivetrains to its future models, engineering chief Rolf Frech has confirmed to Autocar.

Electric Bentley EXP12 Speed 6e roadster revealed in Geneva

Frech said that Bentley was monitoring the development work going on within the Volkswagen Group on hybrid drivetrains, and it was the plug-in technology that was of most interest to Bentley.

“Hybrids are appealing because of the great torque they provide,” said Frech. “Bentley is famous for its huge low-end torque so a plug-in hybrid system would fit. Of course, hybrids provide great efficiency, too.”

Bentley is looking to experiment further with new model lines and technologies in the next few years under the guidance of ex-Porsche man Wolfgang Durhemier, who took over at Bentley last year.

“We have to experiment,” said Frech, another former Porsche employee. “We did it at Porsche and there’s a possibility to do it at Bentley as well. We’re now in the second phase of growth, into new sectors and niches. We are creative.”

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DKW 17 January 2012

Re: Bentley "open to hybrid power"

K1NZ wrote:
The Mulsanne already weighs just short of 3 tonnes so imagine the weight gain with an electric motor and lithium battery packs
Although having a well defined market niche initially exposed Bentley in the economic crisis, it has the advantage that they know what their customers want possibly more than any other main brand. They are pleased to get more range and won't say no to more efficiency, but that's not a priority. They want a leather and wood lined bank vault with planet turning low range torque. Weight reductions have already been deemed 'unnecessary' - possibly even undesirable. The next gen Conti will use a platform which will probably be lighter, but this is of minor consequence to Bentley, who have just shown us with the V8 they can provide us the handling we want without weight reduction. Actually the near 3 tonnes of the Mulsanne make it an excellent candidate, as it will result in a modest percentage weight gain with a light hybrid, and provide the tickover torque they are looking for. CO2 reduction legislation might force a rethink, but not their customers.

K1NZ 17 January 2012

Re: Bentley "open to hybrid power"

perhaps before Bentley goes chasing Hybrid power they should look at reducing the weight of their cars, i know its not easy to make a luxury car light with all the leather, wood, and luxury fittings they put in likes of the Mulsanne but maybe using light weight body panels will help first then go in search of Hybrid power trains?

The Mulsanne already weighs just short of 3 tonnes so imagine the weight gain with an electric motor and lithium battery packs! it would even weigh more than the centre of the earth!