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New digital cameras can measure speed over 15 miles; coming to the UK next year
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10 October 2008

British motorists will be monitored by a wave of new digital average speed cameras from next year, after successful trials in London.Current average speed cameras work using cables, meaning that speed is simply measured between two cameras. The new digital technology can link up to 50 cameras, allowing them to monitor areas up to 15 miles apart using the number plate recognition technology already in use. It is expected to approved by the Home Office in January 2009, with installation beginning in the summer.Transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick said, “The latest cameras will give a more sophisticated edge to cameras than the blunt instrument we have at the moment. Wherever there are average speed cameras, traffic moves at a uniform speed and crashes are reduced.”Digital technology is also effective as it allows an unlimited number of photos to be stored. The new system will typically cost around £300,000 per network.


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nmmg2 17 October 2008

Re: Average speed cameras go digital

Please sign petition at

If you're against these things!

underdog 15 October 2008

Re: Average speed cameras go digital

In my life so far, i have been assaulted once, had several attempted breaks ins to my home, my car has been broken into at least 10 times. On each occasion I have reported the crime to the police and not once have any of the crimes been solved nor have I ever had any update from the police as to the progress of the investigations into crimes committed against me.

In my life so far I have had 4 or 5 speeding tickets and on each occasion I have paid the fine, taken the points and accepted the criticism and rudeness of traffic policemen as they treated me like some form of lower life form.

For the rest of my life I will treat the police and especially the traffic police as my enemy, because my only exposure to them is when they either fail to solve crimes committed against me or when they book me for going a little too fast on the motorway. I do not know anyone who thinks that differently about the police - go figure.

So making the speed cameras all nicely networked is simply going to exacerbate this for me and I suspect most of the country, until the entire legal system is simply considered to be - THE ENEMY

TegTypeR 14 October 2008

Re: Average speed cameras go digital

nmmg2 wrote:

If anyone is interested in actually doing something about this then have a look at the facebook group:-

Specs 3 - New Networked Speed Cameras

and sign the no 10 e-petition!

Will happily do that but do you think it will make any difference or do you think we will get a smarmy web cast of Gordon Brown telling us that he has noted the objection but..........

Vote them out at the next election, that way we may have a chance of stopping this madness.

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