Sustainable Developments Commission wants cameras on every motorway
26 January 2010

Average speed cameras on every motorway could save 1.4 million tons of Co2 a year, according to the Sustainable Developments Commission.

Data from the Department for Transport shows that over half of motorway users break the 70mph limit. The Commission claims that the installation of average speed cameras would reduce this.

However, their effectiveness at reducing carbon has been questioned by the campaign group Safe Speed.

The group has previously petitioned Downing Street – securing over 28,000 signatures to scrap speed cameras.

The Highways Agency and road safety partnerships will make the final decision on where and what type of cameras will be installed.

Tony Cook

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26 January 2010

Just think how much could be saved if all cars were banned and no-one was driving ;o)

I just don't like the feeling of driving under the constant surveillance of these things - drivers tend to spend more time looking at their speedo rather than the road and overtaking slower traffic such as HGVs and the like becomes a "should I or shouldn't I?" decision in relation to the average speed rather than just an "is it safe to pass?".

I used to commute on a stretch of road overseen by average cameras - this road was significantly altered prior to their introduction and road accidents fell which led inevitably to the usual claims that average speed cameras had reduced accidents by such and such a percentage - conveniently ignoring the fact that the road layout was far more dangerous in its previous configuration (e.g. no central reservation barriers).

The average speed being enforced is also often not signposted which is a particular problem with the widely varying limits now prevalent on motorways.

26 January 2010

Does this surprise you?

Everything that "Cuts CO2" these days is also a huge Tax raiser..... High Fuel Duty, Average speed cameras.... high road tax for anything bigger than a go kart.... All help to cut our C02 - I'm so grateful Mr Brown, its so nice to wake up and feel you live in a free country....


Global Warming... Or should it be renamed "the Great Tax swindle"

26 January 2010

Absolute nonsense of course.

What facts are there to support this statement . No doubt a group of "wombles" in their 'elf 'n safety jackets have been doing air tests . I doubt it as they arte too busy coning the motorways off for no reason whatever. About as much use as plastic Policemen.

I have to be really careful when I come "home ? " to visit friends and relatives as these things seem to breed faster than rabbits and are sprouting up everywhere.

"Home" being a small overcrowded island rapidly going down the tubes due to a set of complete numptees in charge (soon to be replaced by another set of posh numptees) where motorists are hammered more and more in tax for no just reason.

Of course if you buy into the global warming con sorry "climate change" these days after the coldest winter in 30 years you may be interested to know that methane is 6x worse for the "environment " than CO2 so I would not be too surprised if I will soon be taxed for farting in the Great British surveillance society.

Nowt like a welcome home feeling is there.

Oops sorry about my diatribe. I am actually patriotic but am very unhappy that the Great is disappearing from Britain just like the motoring industry really.

Ok I have had my early morning rant so forgive an old man for being a misery guts.

26 January 2010

(Maybe) If average speed cameras woere put on all motorways the whole thing would become a 70mph jam. Driving too close and eventually crashing in to the back of each other. ;-(

Everyone watching the speedo, rather than the road ahead...

The CO2 will go up because more and more people will use rural roads, as said above, to avoid the constant watching of Big Brother.

The thing that annoys me the most is that all legislation is hidden behind the climate debate.

26 January 2010

The Green party in germany tried to cut the speed limit to 130kmh, stating that there would be huge savings in CO2. Thankfully there was a big up-roar by many motoring authorities stating that the cut in speed wouldn't even save 0.1% of Germany's Carbon footprint. Cutting the speed limit is like taking somebodies civil liberties away here in Germany so thank god it never happened. (it will however happen one day.... No doubt)

26 January 2010

What a load of rubbish. All they do is distract drivers from the road, as they focus on the speedometer. If average speed cameras decrease CO2 then speed bumps increase CO2 emissions, as cars stop and start. That hasn't stopped them from being put everywhere. I don't see any need for speed reduction devices in London at the moment. I spend most of my day weaving between potholes and poor quality road repairs.

26 January 2010

Speed cameras were force upon us in the early 90's under the heading of 'Road Safety'. Speed cameras were prolifically placed on stretches of road that had a history of incidents that were identified as involving 'excessive speed'. This method of use is as effective as they can get in the realms of road safety, thus the only use they have.

However due to 'technology creep' the reasons for placement of speed cameras has diversified in a ridiculous way. Their spread has been headed under more than one banner. Road safety, crime prevention, saving life and now 'ecology'.

There is only one of the above that fits, 'crime prevention' and they are not very good at that. All that speed cameras have created is Road Offence statistics that have been manipulated to generate marketable nonsensica' that public have, sadly, fallen for 'hook, line and sinker'.

This is not the public's fault. Faced with successive irresponsible 'Road Safety' campaigns that as based on these manipulated statistics, it all actually looks plausible, but as with most government statistics they do not bear up to close scrutiny. Those who do question, doubt and oppose speed cameras come up for vilification and ridicule by the authorities.

Too many careers have been built upon 'the speed camera lie' for speed camera usage to be reduced.

They actually now believe their own dishonest hype.

26 January 2010

If they(goverment)are so interested in co2 why dont they scrap the tolls at dartford crossing in kent,all it does is cause huge tailbacks, lots of cars etc just stop starting for miles at certain times pumpin out co2,.of course we know why they dont, MONEY...again why dont they turn off every other lampost off in the country to save electricity therefore co2,switchoff all trafficlights off at roundabouts so we dont just sit there wasting fuel etc just let us get on with it. i dont belive in this hype about global warming caused by man(its just a natural cycle of weather change that the earth goes thru and has ever since year 0) just a goverment hell bent on spinning a yarn to get us to pay for there complete incompetence,ps the scientests who advise the goverment are goverment backed no surprise there then,independant people say different.rant over.

26 January 2010

[quote goodcarlover]why dont they scrap the tolls at dartford crossing in kent,all it does is cause huge tailbacks, lots of cars etc just stop starting for miles at certain times pumpin out co2[/quote][quote goodcarlover]why dont they scrap the tolls at dartford crossing in kent,all it does is cause huge tailbacks, lots of cars etc just stop starting for miles at certain times pumpin out co2[/quote]

Totally agree with that! Used to live in essex and used the dartford crossings at least twice a week if I was unfortunate enough. The traffic queues were awful

In Scotland, we got rid of all toll bridges. The forth road bridge got the main advantage of this as it is the most used. They had, years ago, figured out that crossing from Fife to Edinburgh was busier in the mornings, so they scrapped it in that direction and doubled the toll the opposite way, which helped a lot. Now there is no tolls in either direction. It hasnt cured traffic completely, but that is mainly because of the road layout, 3 pointless lanes that go down to 2. It does move better than it used to though

26 January 2010

GCHQ/''/assorted resident shills...:

"overwhelming scientific consensus shows man made Global Warming is a FACT!!!!"

"there is NOT a conspiracy to use man-made GW to tax and control; anyone who says so is a nutjob!!!!"

"you will believe what we say!!!!"

that ok boss?


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