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Autocar's videos are noisy, technicolour and unconventional. And the only place where you'll find a Subaru more popular than an Aston

Who would have thought that a Golf could be more popular than a Ferrari? Or a Subaru than an Aston? Welcome to unconventional world of Autocar’s top ten videos. It’s a noisy, technicolour place that perfectly compliments the carefully crafted prose you’ll find in these pages.

Below you will find our countdown of the most viewed videos on in 2012, some more surprising than others. Just scan the QR code below to view the videos online.

BMW M5 vs Nissan GT-R

Both have around 550bhp, cost nearly £75k and promise brutal performance. So which one wins our series of tests?

Porsche 911 video review

Steve Sutcliffe tests the new 991 Porsche 911 Carrera 2S on his favourite road


Aston Martin One-77 exclusive video feature

Aston’s chief engineer drives the One-77 hypercar flat-out with Steve Cropley in the passenger seat


Volkswagen Golf Mk7 video review

The most important real-world car of 2012 goes under the spotlight


Skoda Fabia rally car vs Noble M600

Find out whether the 650bhp Noble M600 can compete with a 265bhp Skoda Fabia S2000


Ferrari F12 Berlinetta driven on road and track

Is 730bhp too much for a rear-wheel drive supercar? Matt Saunders finds out in the new £240k Ferrari F12


Pagani Huayra video review

Can the new £666k Pagani Huayra better the standards set by the outstanding Zonda?


Subaru BRZ video review

What does Subaru’s rear-drive coupe offer over its Toyota-badged equivalent, the GT86?


New Aston Martin Vanquish test

The new Aston Martin Vanquish costs £190k and is powered by a 565bhp 6.0-litre V12 engine. We ride shotgun in hot-weather testing


New Range Rover secrets revealed


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Car review
The latest BMW M5 gets twin-turbocharged V8 engine

The BMW M5 is crushingly capable, but some of the charm of old M5s is gone

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The long wait is over. Hear about what to expect of the all-new Mk4 Range Rover, and see the car in detail

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Peter Cavellini 19 December 2012

Toro! TORO!

Has to be the Pagani Huayra........

fadyady 18 December 2012

Poor man's GTR

GT86/BRZ is an affordable rear-wheel drive car that's sensational to drive. It brings motoring fun back into the range of those who can't afford close to 100k cars. Thanks Toyota for once bringing us a fun car.

Pagani Huayra is a super car most people can only dream of. So exclusive they're gonna build only 40 a year. Phenomenal. Steve is plain lucky to get his a**e behind it's steering. He's right the noise it makes is sensational.

Aston's One-77 is out of this world. The video is a bit patronising though. They could've let poor old Steve take a spin?

While Golf is the car that's gonna populate our streets. And this model is gonna take the production run well past 30 million.

Land Rover video looks more promotional than anything - like a manufacturer's brochure.

I think Pagani and GT86 videos are outstanding.