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Autocar makes it easier than ever to browse the best car news, reviews and videos on a mobile phone
Jim Holder
1 min read
1 July 2013

From today, readers will be able to browse a website specially adapted for smartphones. 

Visitors to on a mobile site get a streamlined journey to the most popular Autocar editorial and, once there, all the reviews, latest news and videos have been redesigned to be more readable on a mobile phone. 

Simple drop downs at the top of each page let a user tap to find the make and model of car they are interested in or the section they want to find, for instance.

To see the new mobile website, which has been backed by Hyundai for its launch, visit on your mobile phone and you'll be automatically redirected. 


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1 July 2013

Could have fooled me.... looks exactly the same on my phone at the moment... 

i just hope the "recommended for you" bit doesnt appear on the mobile site, because that is bloody irritating! 

i am not normally one to moan, but frankly Autocar you website at the moment is a mess, i used to love this site, now it just frustrates me, sorry but thats how i feel about it. 

i also used to regularly post on these forums, now a dont bother because they are so inaccessable! 

1 July 2013

Vidge 123 wrote:

i also used to regularly post on these forums, now a dont bother because they are so inaccessable! 

You seem to have managed fine this morning; with so much to moan about, maybe you shouldn't have bothered?

1 July 2013

you can find the mobile site at


Looks nice. 

2 July 2013

I agree, recommended for you is appaling I keep getting tricked by it. I'll be reading something and a recommended pops up, click on it, read the article go to post a comment and discover it's 4 years old. This morning, click on the new Nissan Leaf review and I'm recommended Range Rover Evoque 9 speed first drive - 16 weeks old.

2 July 2013

Marketing is taking over here, Web site supported by Hyundai, videos which are Dunlop Adverts.

2 July 2013

If your looking for car stuff, you generally do it when you have loads of time ie, at home,besides, Autocar don't give enough info for car buying like Whatcar or Autotrader.

18 July 2013

Mobile website? Actually for what?

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10 June 2016
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10 June 2016
Autocar expects the site will get 500,000 visits in its first month, creating two million page views, and predicts this will double in 24 months.
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