Highways Agency urges motorists to be more careful
21 August 2009

An average of 43 cars run out of fuel each day, prompting the Highways Agency to warn drivers to check how much fuel they have before they set off.

The agency reported that 15,000 cars stopped on UK roads between 1 July 2008 and 30 June 2009 because they had run out of fuel, with many breaking down in dangerous or disruptive places.

Highways Agency boss Derek Turner said, "The number of people breaking down simply because they have run out of fuel is alarming. It's not only hazardous to the driver and passengers, but to other road users as well, especially if the vehicle has to stop in a live lane."

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21 August 2009

There will be a small percentage of these people who's gauges don't work, but it is more an unfortunate side effect of the nanny state we live in.

You watch, next it will be buzzers instead of lights for low fuel warnings!



It's all about the twisties........

21 August 2009

Unless they can give a valid explanation such as a broken instrument, they should be fined heavily. In fact if someone is unable to understand the basic instruments on a car, I don't feel they should be allowed to drive at all.

21 August 2009

i would suggest the majority of these cases are people are on low incomes and run relatively old cars and due to the costs of car ownership nowadays,run these cars on a shoestring budget and try to eke out every last mile from the £10 quids worth of fuel they put in the car.

its a sign of the times i am afraid...

21 August 2009

[quote TegTypeR]You watch, next it will be buzzers instead of lights for low fuel warnings![/quote]

Mine already does!

I've run out of fuel loads of times - bit embarrassing but no great harm done.

21 August 2009

I favour the shoestring budget explanation, myself.

I don't know anybody who isn't aware how to use a fuel gauge, a warning light, or a range display, but I know plenty of people who'd try getting to work and back on fumes the last day before payday. I can't see any overriding reason why that sample would be anomalous.

The irony being that if you conk out on low fuel, it could become a lot more expensive than just splashing in just enough petrol to get the needle off the end stop!

I tend to fill up at around a quarter to a third of a tank left, not least because I don't like the idea of needing the car for an emergency only to find it's running on empty.

21 August 2009

I'm yet to own a car with a fuel gauge which is even remotely accurate or linear. In my current car, 'empty' actually means '1/5th of a tank left'. This isn't great, because once it's hit the stop, there's know way of knowing if there's 10 litres or 2 litres left...and no light either.

Shortly after I passed my test I did manage to run out of petrol just as I pulled up at home - engine stopped as I reached for the key :-)

21 August 2009

Finally ,someone who states the bleedin obvious!,if you fill when the tanks half full then relatively your fuel bill will not be a large expense and you don't have to think twice about journeys, plus , if you have to go short distances, say one or two miles the walk ,bike,send the kids on the errand,so if your on a tight budget, think about some ways to boost your economy, maybe try if you do to give up something for a month to see how much you could save,say going to the pub less,cut down on coffin nails(cigarettes) and if your not amazed at what you save i'd be surprised and if you have kids they'll be happy too.

Peter Cavellini.

21 August 2009

Wait for the EVs to get widespread - won't be able to rescue them with a spare can.

21 August 2009

I would think that a good 30 of them are women like my wife who think cars fill themselves with petrol, wash themselves, check their own oil and tyres, service themselves and pay for their own insurance.

22 August 2009

[quote Lee23404]I would think that a good 30 of them are women like my wife who think cars fill themselves with petrol, wash themselves, check their own oil and tyres, service themselves and pay for their own insurance.[/quote]

My wife washes her car herself...


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