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BMW's Concept Active Tourer Outdoor is the latest look at the forthcoming 1-series GT
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20 November 2013

The BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor, shown today at the Tokyo motor show, is the latest glimpse into BMW’s front-wheel-drive future.

The concept will evolve into the BMW 1-series GT and will be one of more than 20 front-drive models sold under the BMW and Mini brands.

BMW’s latest concept highlights what BMW describes as a “fresh route to combining sporting aesthetics and style with… compact dimensions and functionality”. 

The manufacturer claims “generous” interior space and a variable rear compartment that's designed to offer everyday usability and space for outdoor sports equipment. The Concept Active Tourer Outdoor has a large tailgate with a low lip and a wide aperture.

The boot also houses a bicycle carrier which folds away when not in use. The interior features a centre console that ‘floats’ between the front seats and is claimed to improve front legroom. The upholstery is trimmed in durable fabric and is contrasted by a leather covering for the boot floor stowage compartment.

An ECO PRO mode reduces the energy used by the air-conditioning and other electrically operated ancillary features and displays driving tips to further improve efficiency. The Proactive Driving Assistant works with the navigation system to display the most fuel-efficient routes with the lowest traffic volumes.

The new car is a more rugged-looking version of the Concept Active Tourer, which premiered at the New York motor show in March. Its 2670mm wheelbase is 90mm shorter than the original model, but is fractionally longer, narrower and taller.

The BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor has been conceived as a plug-in hybrid which mates a 1.5-litre, three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with a “high-performance” electric motor and lithium-ion battery. Combined power is 188bhp, and BMW claims 0-62mph can be achieved in less than eight seconds. Top speed is 125mph.

The 1-series GT will be offered in both standard and long-wheelbase guises and will be based on the UKL1 platform which will underpin all future Minis as well as 12 different versions of 1- and 2-series-based BMW models. The platform allows the BMW Group to exploit economies of scale; it eventually plans to produce more than 900,000 UKL1-based cars per year.

The UKL1 platform, which is an acronym derived from Unter Klasse, meaning sub class, offers the ability to carry a range of transversely-mounted engines and will also have the option of all-wheel drive.

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11 July 2013

Is there anyway we can call this an MPV instead of the rather outlandish and oddly long BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor?

Other than that it looks the part for growing families and BMW has incorporated some helpful family-friendly tools.

I read somewhere that the new 1.5L petrol 3-cylinder produces 220bhp. Can somebody confirm this?

11 July 2013

I hope this ends up in the new mini as well. It could prove just the ticket for no VED, great economy and enough oomph for when you need it.

As for the 1 Series GT - not sure. Another BMW design which is somewhat uneasy. Although to be fair all the cars in the MPV design look pretty ugly. I hope its great as a small family car. But not on our drive thanks.

It sort of looks like a squashed X5.

11 July 2013

The UKL1 platform, which is an acronym derived from Unter Klasse, meaning sub class.

Sorry it doesnt, it means "lower class", you know like what your servants are..Nothing like keeping the minions in their place. 

BMW describes as a “fresh route to combining sporting aesthetics and style with… compact dimensions and functionality”. 

Again I am sorry, putting a bike rack in the back of a bus doesnt translate to "sporting"

Then again BMW dont really seem to have grasped the concept of GT either. 

11 July 2013

Concept Active Tourer Outdoor (C.A.T.O.)

As Iinspector Clousseau famously said. "Not now, Cato!"

Wrong car, wrong time.

11 July 2013

I think it looks good, and will rival Mercedes popular B-class nicely. Lots of families will get the idea of this, especially as bmw's x1 isn't exactly a big car inside. The x3 is better, but more expensive, counting  it out for many


11 July 2013

Somewhat portly and overstyled, but not actively ugly - which is *sorta* praise for an SUV-style design.

However, the bike rack system looks like industrial overkill - my method of simply chucking them in the back is probably quicker and easier!

11 July 2013

Here we go again.  BMW could design anything and stick their badge on it and folk would love it and buy it!  Over-styled and nothing fresh to the MPV (cause thats what it is not a GT or Active Tourer.....) one lauch after another the prestige brands become more mainstream but still charge the premium prices!!

I would say this about Audi and Merc too.  It used to be people aspired to move up from the mainstream manufacturers (Ford, Vauxhall, Renault, Nissan, etc) to a premium brand, but they are now in every sector it has become impossible to see how much longer they can charge premium prices for mainstream cars!  But i guess the badge does it! 

11 July 2013

For the type of car it is I actually think it looks alright

11 July 2013

The only thing I would criticize is the fact that it's FWD, BMW should have made this under the MINI name. Not impressed when  principles are not adhered to. If punters don't know FWD from RWD then thats their problem, you sacrificed your integrity and company ethos for a silly little people carrier ( it looks ok actually) does it have 50:50 weight balance or is that more rubbish?.  Audi may as well produce a car designed to be RWD from the drawing board, then you will have real problems BMW.

11 July 2013

405line wrote:

The only thing I would criticize is the fact that it's FWD, BMW should have made this under the MINI name. 

But it will also underpin many a MINI. To get the volumes needed to be competitive, there has to be some platform sharing. Then there's the fact that MPV's are all about practicality. With RWD, this hinders it. If it can be made to drive properly, like many a Ford has, then what is the problem with it? In the race to downsize, BMW has to be realistic in what customers want, and what they actually buy. An impractical but RWD people carrier is not on top of family lists, no matter what badge there is on the front.


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