Firm shows off 2Evil Special concept at the LA motor show
4 December 2009

Mazda has launched its 2Evil Special concept car at the LA motor show.

The standard Mazda 2 was making its North American debut at LA and the firm showed off a 2-based concept car at the show to commemorate its arrival.

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The Mazda 2Evil Special has been given a makeover by the firm's in-house tuning company, Mazdaspeed, and is described as being "a weekend track car that can function equally well as an urban commuter".

The 2Evil Special has a much more aggressive stance than the standard 2, sitting lower and featuring a new front spoiler and wider side skirts. A rear diffuser has been added, while the rear spoiler, so Mazda says, has been added to increase downforce and give it a race appearance.

The concept has been painted in Ceramic Grey and features lime green detailing on the wheels and door mirrors. Mazdaspeed and '55' transfers appear on the car - 55 being a tribute to the firm's 1991 Le Mans-winning 787B racer.

The changes are not just cosmetic, however. Mazda has fitted the 2Evil Special with 17-inch wheels equipped with 215/45 Yokohama Advan tyres, a new coilover suspension system and a Magna performance exhaust system.

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Our Verdict

Mazda 2

Back in 2008 the Mazda 2 was voted World Car of the Year. Considering the car’s engineering thoroughness and individuality, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

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4 December 2009

Looks okay.

I realise that it is only a show / concept car, but what engine would it use? Having driven the standard Mazda 2 Sport, whilst it is a peppy little thing on the road (if not a little "detached") there is no way it could ever offer enough grunt to satisfy on track.



It's all about the twisties........

4 December 2009

I agree,you can add all the "buy me" kit you like and it will draw a few extra customers, but without touching the engine or driving dynamics, they've kind of missed the boat, you only have to look at Seat for instance with their Ibiza,it's a better looking car, more fun to drive,and thats before you get to the top of the range, in Cupra spec it stomps all over the weedy Mazda 2,i agree, both aren't that well built, but bangs for bucks the Seat is better value!

Peter Cavellini.

4 December 2009

If you can live with the seat gearbox. I like the mazda 2 but it is crying out for a performance model. Although mazda don't have many turbo'd engines in there range - which is the in thing - what about dropping a 1.8 / 2.0 litre into the car - its a light car anyway so they don't need a huge powerful engine like the clio, corsa etc.

4 December 2009

Even something mildly warm under the bonnet would be could, along the lines of the old shape 1.6 tdci and petrol fiesta zetec S. Would mean mazda would attract young buyers.

Have to say i really like the mazda 2, it's a fairly honest, straight forward little car. Totally disagree with the comment above about it and the seat ibiza being badly put together though, i doubt anybody who had been in either car would agree. They're both impressively well screwed together for small cars.

4 December 2009

[quote gazza5]its a light car anyway so they don't need a huge powerful engine like the clio, corsa etc.[/quote]

It would be nice if they did though.

4 December 2009

I expect it was done just to increase the appeal of the 2 to americans as it is going to be sold their soon!

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