Citroen concept car designed for Gran Turismo racing game
3 October 2008

One of the wackier offerings at the Paris show is the Citroen GT, an extreme looking supercar concept that show visitors can ‘drive’ via a simulator on the show stand.

The official pitch is that the GT is designed to bring the real and virtual worlds together, and it has been co-created with software company Polyphony, the makers of the Gran Turismo PlayStation franchise.

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Citroen won’t be building a production version of the car itself, but it will feature in a forthcoming incarnation of Gran Turismo. The concept features 21-inch diamond effect alloy wheels, gullwing doors and a moveable spoiler.

In its virtual incarnation, the GT is powered by an ‘electric drivetrain powered by a fuel cell, totally eliminating pollutant emissions.’ Which is very commendable, but we’ll save our praise until Citroen manages to do it in real life.

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4 October 2008

Hollywood needs to look no further for the next car that Batman will use in the next sequel. In matte black, this car would look really diabolical.

I think the Citroen C6 and C5 are both successful designs, but I would really like to see a couple of daring Citroen niche models that feature the exciting designs that Citroen is obviously capable of. OK, this may not be the best time, but how about a modern day Citroen SM with the V6 twin-turbodiesel driving the front wheels and a potent electric motor driving the rear wheels?

Citroen's designers have been exhibiting great talent especially over the last 3 or 4 years and it would be great to see more of their ideas make production.

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