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Mercedes boss fuels rumours of luxury brand's demise

Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche has further fuelled rumours over the future axing of the Maybach brand by admitting that such cars may not suit future customers of luxury cars.

Zetsche, speaking at the Frankfurt motor show, revealed that he believed that the tastes of luxury car buyers will change after the current economic slump.

Describing one key sector of buyers as the ‘new elite’ he revealed that they would have more modest and discreet tastes and so would not desire a Maybach.

He also refused to confirm that Merc’s underselling luxury saloon was being replaced when quizzed.

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jonfortwo 16 September 2009

Re: Maybach could be axed

A reduction in choice is never a good thing no matter what part of the market the car sells in.

I can`t see that the Maybach is any more vulgar than the Rolls Royces of this world, in fact it is perhaps a little more discreet.

kurtverbose 16 September 2009

Re: Maybach could be axed

DKW wrote:
the point is Maybach have a financially solid future if they will only stop trying to be Rolls Royce, drop any pretensions to dignity and chase the highly lucrative rapper/sports star/Middle East/China/India markets with a proper 'f**k you peasants, look at me now, I've got power' product.

Some would argue that's exactly what they have done which is why they're not selling as well as Rolls.

caddy06 16 September 2009

Re: Maybach could be axed

Madonna reportedly has a Maybach - enough said!