LA motor show debut for lighter, more powerful, stripped-out Cayman
18 November 2010

Porsche is guaranteed to have one of the stars of this today’s Los Angeles motor show with a lighter, more powerful, stripped-out version of its mid-engined Cayman.

Called Cayman R — and not Club Sport, as had been rumoured — the new model uses lightweight components and a number of alterations to the spec sheet to shed 55kg from the Cayman S. It loses air conditioning and the stereo, and adopts lightweight 19in alloy wheels (as seen on the Boxster Spyder), carbonfibre sports bucket seats and lighter interior door panels from the 911 GT3 RS.

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A mild retune of the Cayman S’s 3.4-litre powerplant has yielded a further 10bhp, taking the R to 325bhp. Torque remains the same, at 273lb ft, but the slight increase in grunt and weight reduction gives the new car a power-to-weight ratio of 252bhp per tonne (247bhp per tonne with a PDK gearbox).

The R shaves 0.2sec from the Cayman S’s 0-62mph time, to 5.0sec, and reaches an increased top speed of 175mph (up from 172mph). The PDK-equipped R covers 0-62mph in 4.7sec and hits 174mph.

The chassis set-up includes a limited-slip differential as standard and sports suspension that lowers the car by 20mm. The car’s fuel tank is also slightly smaller, at 54 litres.

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The standard kit list may not include air-con, but you do get what Porsche calls the Cayman Aerokit: styling add-ons including a fixed rear spoiler in a contrasting colour, black-framed halogen headlights, contrasting side mirrors and Porsche side stripe decals. The Peridot metallic paint shown on the launch car will also be exclusive to the R.

The Cayman R is due on sale in the UK in February. It’ll cost from £51,731 (with 20 per cent VAT) for a manual version, including a Driving Experience at Silverstone. That equates to a VAT-adjusted premium of about £5k over a Cayman S. Expect a PDK-equipped Cayman R to cost around £53,500.

John McIlroy

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17 November 2010

Wow, takes a load of clever technicians and marketing people to take various items out the Cayman, fit a smaller fuel tank (come on Porsche, lightening a car this way is a little pathetic!), get a whole 10 bhp more and I am sure they will charge loads more for it. Sounds a con to me. Will Porsche require skinny road testers who should diet and not eat lunch before driving it so it is as light as possible, maybe naked road testers, or light weight closes. Porsche should look at Lotus for advice for building fast light cars.

17 November 2010

Taking out airco & stereo wasn't much of an egineering challenge, I hope. Nor much of an engineering solution. And no mortal will ever notice adding 3% to the power output. Absurd that a mild warm-over of an existing model yields a guarantee to have the star of the LA motor show. If it is indeed true then there should be no reason at all to go there.

17 November 2010

I can see why it has not been given the clubsport name as it only lost 55 kgs from the Cayman S version I would hope that a Club Sport would offer a three figure weight loss, although that may tread on 911 toes.

17 November 2010

Or you could look at it a different way. Finally, scared by the R8 on both road and track, Porsche maybe coming to terms with the fact that the 911 is at or about its limit. They could retain the 911 as the long distance cruiser car and brand icon while developing the Cayman into an R8 competitor. It already is faster in real terms than a boggo 911 and, although I haven't driven one, everyone seems to rave about the various turbo Cayman conversions. Having had 911s for years I now have a Cayman S with exhaust/mid range chip changes and it is much better car. If they can start getting a Cayman range that is priced much the same as a 911 then the new 356 slots in where the Cayman/Boxter range is now and we can actually get the best potential Porsche a Cayman Turbo……..

17 November 2010

No great surprise really as they have applied the same changes to the Cayman as they did to the Spyder ...

BUT ... with the Spyder you at least got a unique hood and some significant changes to the bodywork with the double bubble rear clamshell, to justify the extra cost. Where are the same changes on the Cayman? All you get is a hideous black tail spoiler. Very poor effort, and very expensive for what it is.

This is Porsche at their cynical worst, and I speak as a Cayman owner and enthusiast.

17 November 2010

Very disappointing! No one should buy this as a track day car; you can get much better for less. If it is a road car then it needs a stereo and air-con.

17 November 2010

I think Porsche is trying to maximize profits and sales in this difficult period, filling the market with special versions: 911 gts, speedster, now this cayman, a 10 year old car now. I love Porsche, actually I'm looking for a used 997.1 S, a great deal now, but this Cayman is pricey. Anyway all these special versions probably will keep a decent value in the next years, and there are a lot of cayman fans, so I think that we'll see many of them around.

17 November 2010

[quote johnfaganwilliams]Finally, scared by the R8 on both road and track, Porsche maybe coming to terms with the fact that the 911 is at or about its limit[/quote] I'm a keen follower of the Langstrecken Meisterschaft (VLN), the long distance GT Championship on the old Nurburgring circuit, which is a massive test for GT cars, and despite enormous "politicking " by Audi, continually getting small rule dispensations against Porsche, their purpose built V10 rear drive, mid engined car is by no means a conclusive winner against the rear engined 911. Porsche, this year, as last, have taken a majority of wins, over Audi and now Mercedes Benz with the SLS. All of these marques being factory supported with international top flight drivers . So it seems to me there is still life in the rear engined relic ! In reality on track, more than rear engined handling, if the rules allowed, it would be the inability to house a very large diffuser because of engine position that would do for the 911 concept ! Regards.

17 November 2010

£53,500? Pathetic move by Porsche. A £26,000 Nissan 370Z is more powerful and destroys the Standard Cayman around any circuit.

No air conditioning or stereo? What mug would buy this over any other car?

17 November 2010

The new Porsche Cayman R, looks sexier than my first girlfriend, and equally built for fun.


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