Mercedes lines up stunning Biome concept to steal LA show's thunder
18 November 2010

Mercedes-Benz will make waves at this year’s Los Angeles motor show with this spectacular-looking concept called the Biome.

Created at Mercedes-Benz’s advanced design studio in Carlsbad, California, the sleek four-seater hails from the fertile mind of studio head Hubert Lee – the man behind the aggressive new look of the second-generation CLS unveiled at the Paris show and the F800 Style concept car wheeled out at this year’s Geneva show.

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Don’t expect the Biome to feature on the Mercedes-Benz stand in Los Angeles, though. Word is that Mercedes-Benz’s latest concept, a full-size 1:1 model, will be revealed to the public for the first time at the prizegiving ceremony for the Los Angeles Design Challenge, the competition for which it was originally conceived but for which the German car maker ultimately decided to instead enter two other concepts: the Smart 454 Weight Watch Technology (from its Sindelfingen-based studio in Germany) and Maybach eRikscha (from its Yokahama-based studio in Japan).

The 2010 Los Angeles Design Challenge called for the creation of a safe, comfortable compact 2+2 that weighs no more than 1000lb (454kg). The Biome has been built to these parameters, with what Lee describes as a biofibre body that he says grows in a completely organic environment from seeds sown in a nursery and sees it tip the scales at just 875.5lb (394kg).

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The 4020mm long, 2500mm wide concept also boasts a diamond-shaped seating arrangement that sites the driver in the middle up front, two passengers slightly further back on either side and a fourth passenger in the middle at the back.

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Lee denies the styling of the Biome is related to any upcoming Mercedes-Benz model, describing it as “pure fantasy”.

Greg Kable

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16 November 2010

So you just buy a seed, plant it, and a car grows out of the ground? What will they think of next!


16 November 2010

Well, their are fields full of cars up and down the country, I thought they were imports that were not sold, but obviously now its farmers diversifying!!

To live is to drive

16 November 2010

Only one problem?,we'll be too old too drive one, and probably couldn't afford it either,even if we were still able too!, cynical, i know, but it's true.

Peter Cavellini.

16 November 2010

it really looks like some aliens drove it here and left without it. Its utterly bonkers!!!!!!!!

16 November 2010

How on earth does it turn? But then there doesn't appear to be any part of the car touching the ground?

16 November 2010

This car is a complete fantasy? looks like whoever designed it was sniffing glue or away with the fairies.

16 November 2010

Well well another MB showcar that will never be manufactured yawn yawn...It is naive marketing to make the rest of the boring and ugly MB products look good.....I am not taken in at all.....Come on Dr Wagener stop doing commercials and start designing decent cars that people can buy.

17 November 2010


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