BMW's 'concept' is essentially a lightly veiled 6-series coupe; on show at LA motor show today
17 November 2010

BMW has confirmed it is ditching the bullish appearance of the existing 6-series for a more svelte and classically elegant look by revealing this lightly veiled concept, on show in North America for the first time today at the LA motor show.

This highly refined look was first hinted at on the four-door Gran Coupé concept at the Beijing motor show in April. It ties the new 6-series in visually with other recent BMW models, notably the 5-series, with which it shares much of its mechanical package.

See pics of the BMW Concept 6-series Coupe - now updated with LA show pics

The new 6-series is set to go on sale in the UK in coupé guise next April. A fabric-roofed convertible version will follow before the end of next year.

The new 6-series continues BMW’s design revolution under the watch of Adrian van Hooydonk, whose mould-breaking Z9 Gran Turismo concept car of 1999 laid down the styling template for today’s 6-series.

“With this car, I feel like I have come full circle,” he said. “I was lucky enough to influence today’s 6-series. And I’ve also been heavily involved in defining the new look of the coupé concept.”

Despite this car’s billing as a concept, van Hooydonk confirms that the production version of the new 6-series will vary little from it. The only expected changes are altered exterior mirror housings, different tailpipes and less flamboyant wheels. “What you see is largely what we intend to place into production,” he said.

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That includes what van Hooydonk describes as “a shark-like nose” featuring highly technical headlamp graphics (to be offered with optional LED corona lenses like those of the concept), a slightly forward-leaning kidney grille and a full-width air duct within the lower part of the bumper.

The long bonnet is more contoured than before and, like the rest of the car’s steel body, has tauter surfacing than today’s somewhat bloated-looking model.

At the rear are L-shaped lamps that use similar LED graphics to those seen on the 5-series. The boot is also more integrated than before and now boasts a subtle spoiler integrated into the metal.

Munich insiders confirm the car is virtually the same length but a good deal wider and slightly lower than today’s 4820mm-long, 1855mm-wide and 1375mm-high model. It also boasts an incremental increase in wheelbase, so it will be roomier inside, especially in the rear. Boot capacity will remain at 450 litres.

The cabin has an asymmetrical dashboard that hints at early BMWs by angling the centre console slightly towards the driver. “It’s a coupé, a driver’s car,” said van Hooydonk. “We think it should have a more driver-centric feel than our regular models.”

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BMW will not reveal the engine range just yet. But in keeping with the downsizing trend evident in other recent BMW models, expect it to receive a combination of turbocharged in-line six-cylinder and V8 petrol units in successors to today’s 630i and 650i, along with a turbocharged six-cylinder diesel as a follow-up to the excellent 635d.

Topping the new line-up will be a successor to the M6 running a new twin-turbo V8 from BMW’s M division.

Greg Kable

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19 September 2010

Reminds me a lot of the old 8 series, especially the side profile. I like the rear particularly, but I'm not sold on the front yet. I may be in a minority, but I think the current 6 looks great, and has really grown on me in the time its' been on sale.

19 September 2010

That's so ugly and so conventional for a BMW. Why can't they make it as beautiful as the CS Concept or the FIsket Latigo??

19 September 2010

it looks an improvement on the current 6, but then thats not too hard. still looks far too fussy like almost all German cars these cars. Once they knew how to do understated elegance, but no more. this looks like its trying too hard.

19 September 2010

[quote Autocar]BMW is ditching the bullish appearance of the existing 6-series for a more svelte and classically elegant look, revealed here for the first time on a lightly veiled concept version that’s set to make its debut at the upcoming Paris motor show.

This highly refined look was first hinted at on the four-door Gran Coupé concept at the Beijing motor show in April. It ties the new 6-series in visually with other recent BMW models, notably the 5-series, with which it shares much of its mechanical...Read the full article[/quote] A big improvement. I am still not sure about the new 5 series, but this looks good. Am I in the minority, I still miss Bangle!

19 September 2010

Looks fantastic. There is a lot of the current 3-series coupe (which I think is the best looking current BMW) behind the b-pillar; especially the stance, window silhouette and the tail lights.

19 September 2010

Elegant? Or lets say something complementary rather than nothing. J

19 September 2010

I like.

If the current 6-Series is likened to a brutal beast, then the new car is a sexy number with the grace of a feline.

19 September 2010

[quote Mr£4worth]Am I in the minority, I still miss Bangle![/quote] There is no one to miss actually! The same guy who is in charge of today's beemers, Adrian Von Hooydonk, was in charge (and contributed vastly) of former model's deisign, especially 6er E63/64! Poor Chris was as just as Queen Elizabeth is to Great Britain!

19 September 2010

Nice looking car, finally the pre-crashed mingers are being phased out of BMW's range! Only the hideous 1 Series and X1 to go and the range will be mostly good looking again!

Will this mean the w*nkers return to the brand from Audi? I hope not .... thumbs up BMW!

19 September 2010

zzzzzz, think we need to spike the mains water in and around the various German design houses with LSD. the yawn A7 (I am warming to the subtle design from the 'B' pillar back however), the vulgar new CLS and now this chinzy thing. These cars make the new XJ look like something designed from NASA....go Jag woop woop!! ;-)


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