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Rival for BMW 3-series coupe could be next all-new Jag

Jaguar's next all-new model could be small coupe to rival the BMW 3-series two-door and Audi a5, Autocar has learnt.

At the Frankfurt unveiling of the new XJ saloon, engineering boss Mick Mohan told Autocar that the much-mooted XE sports car is one of several options that the firm is considering - another is a sub-£30k coupe.

"The X-type won't be around forever, and because we don't plan to replace it, there are lots of possibilities for cheaper models," he said.

"Personally, I'd love to make a compact coupe - an Audi a5 or BMW 3-series coupe rival. There's plenty of profit to be made on those cars, and our aluminum platform technology gives us the opportunity to make one. I think we'd make a really good one too."

"For the time being we have to make sure the market takes the XJ to its heart and wait for the recovery to rejuvinate our business a bit. But once the next 12 months are behind us, it's a real possibility."

Mohan was speaking after Jaguar boss Mike O'Driscoll had unveiled the new XJ alongside the XF, and the facelifted XK.

Mohan also ruled out future crossover cars and pseudo 4x4s for Jaguar. "Utility will never be what we're about," he said, " but that still leaves us plenty of avenues to explore. And we've got no shortage of ideas at the moment."

Matt Saunders

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1100 16 September 2009

Re: Jaguar considering sub-£30K coupe

Its all talk talk, I waited for the last Etype replacement - never came! I bought a Boxster instead. I agree with all the above. Jag needs more models and soon. Has anyone noticed the lack of Jaguar photos from their stand at Frankfurt? Not one on any website!! Why? Off to Frankfurt next week to see for myself, cant wait!

TStag 16 September 2009

Re: Jaguar considering sub-£30K coupe

Agree with the guy who said that TATA should use the Rover name. But I'd like to see it used on a 2wd Nissan Quashqai type vehicle. Would be easy to do as well. Just use the Freelander as a base. Could even sell a 4x4 version as a cheap Land Rover in place like India....

Also Jaguar have the Daimler brand. Why not spin off a baby Rolls Royce beater of the XJ platform? High profit margins in that...

BriMarsh 16 September 2009

Re: Jaguar considering sub-£30K coupe

For those interested, lots of "Jaguar considering sub-£30K coupe" already available on AutoTrader.