Rival for BMW 3-series coupe could be next all-new Jag
16 September 2009

Jaguar's next all-new model could be small coupe to rival the BMW 3-series two-door and Audi a5, Autocar has learnt.

At the Frankfurt unveiling of the new XJ saloon, engineering boss Mick Mohan told Autocar that the much-mooted XE sports car is one of several options that the firm is considering - another is a sub-£30k coupe.

"The X-type won't be around forever, and because we don't plan to replace it, there are lots of possibilities for cheaper models," he said.

"Personally, I'd love to make a compact coupe - an Audi a5 or BMW 3-series coupe rival. There's plenty of profit to be made on those cars, and our aluminum platform technology gives us the opportunity to make one. I think we'd make a really good one too."

"For the time being we have to make sure the market takes the XJ to its heart and wait for the recovery to rejuvinate our business a bit. But once the next 12 months are behind us, it's a real possibility."

Mohan was speaking after Jaguar boss Mike O'Driscoll had unveiled the new XJ alongside the XF, and the facelifted XK.

Mohan also ruled out future crossover cars and pseudo 4x4s for Jaguar. "Utility will never be what we're about," he said, " but that still leaves us plenty of avenues to explore. And we've got no shortage of ideas at the moment."

Matt Saunders

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15 September 2009

So nice to hear someone talking sense. Jaguar make Stylish drivers cars. Not sports cars. not MPVs, not 4x4s. The XF was a huge stride in the right direction. The new XJ should at least be nice inside ( i will wait until i have seen one to make up my mind about the styling outside, but at least its bold). A sub 30k coupe with an Aluminium construction is a great idea. It should look good (hopefully) drive well (we know they can do that), and being light it could end up being both nimble and economical. As they only make rear drivers, once the x type dies anyway, hopefully this would be too.

Come on Jaguar, do it.

15 September 2009

Nice idea but I'd have though a higher volume seller such an an X-Type replacement would be more important for the long term success of Jaguar.

15 September 2009

[quote Lee23404]

Nice idea but I'd have thought a higher volume seller such an an X-Type replacement would be more important for the long term success of Jaguar.

[/quote] Agreed. What they need to do is both. A range of cars to take on the 3-series saloon/coupe/cabrio models. Thats the market where the real money is.

I still dont see what they didnt just heavily rework the current X-type and get a few more years out of it. After all, the XF is almost identical to the S-Type under the skin...

15 September 2009

They should have made an XF coupe, convertible and Estate, but they may have missed the boat on that one.

I hope Jaguar still builds a F type sportscar. This is what most Jag fans want them to build. Jaguar just need to keep investing they are on a roll and they need to keep it going.

15 September 2009

From a personal perspective I'm disappointed the XF Estate promised by AE didn't materialise - a 3-litre diesel XF Estate would be my ultimate real-world car. Ah well...

15 September 2009

Agree with most of the comments here, not sure if reskinning the X type would have made it a major success, because it was generally never accepted as a real Jag with its fwd/4wd Mondeo chassis, the S Type at least had a decent rwd setup even though it was Lincoln sourced but much improved by Jag. If Jag had reskinned it after a few years of introduction, say 5 yrs into it's life which would have been 06/07 then maybe, just maybe it could have succeeded but the design and quality would have had to be stunning both inside and out and that meant money. Its' a shame Ford didn't have the foresight and Jaguar didn't have the funds to do this a few years ago. The game has moved on so much since then and it's so competitive in this segment with the new A4, new C Class as well as the current 3.

It's also a shame Jaguar has to wait another 12 months before even considering a case for the coupe, which means another few years before it arrives on the market but I am a Jag fan and hope they do it. Maybe in a few years time there will be a case (and the funds ) to reintroduce a 3 series challenger.

15 September 2009

Nice idea but they're in danger of repeating one of the X-type's problems. That is to enter a market segment but only compete in a small part of it. The X-type was launched with thirsty V6 engines and 4WD only when the bulk of the sales in that segment were/are 4-cylinder diesels. To some extent that is a problem for the XF too. The tooling and development costs for a 4 door saloon, compact exec would be about the same as for a coupe but the volume would be much larger.

15 September 2009

I agree with most of the comments here ,but if TATA dont listen or read these types of comments then Jaguar as it is now will be no more with in the next decade.TATA needs to buils a 3 series rival and in all catagories (saloon,estate,coupe and soft top) they have a good start by shortning the XF platform this will save money. Coupes and sports cars may look nice in the show room but they dont sell in volume to bring in the cash. Build the cash cow and then the other products will follow when there is cash in the bank. Also TATA have you not thought, you own the Rover marque which you got from Ford when you bought JLR, you have a XTYPE platform that with a few tweeks and a reskin could be sold as a Rover,Built in the UK or India it could be the starting point to bring in the extra cash and also revive the famous marque.

15 September 2009

The XF is too heavy for me, and a little big. The XJ is gorgeous, especially inside and from the front, but too big and probably expensive for me. A £30k Jag coupe with the style of the XJ and its weight saving treatment.... can my old and very trusted 1999 120k mile Impreza last long enough?!? I love the idea and it might be a car with enough character to eventually replace my beloved Scooby.

16 September 2009

[quote pandamonium]not sure if reskinning the X type would have made it a major success, because it was generally never accepted as a real Jag [/quote]

Cr*p journalists who never gave the X-Type a chance effectively killed it before it got going! Platform sharing is fine if you're a VAG group car, but not for Jaguar??? Never did figure out what the issue was there.

But, I'd like to see Jaguar doing a proper A4 / 3 Series rival. Unfortunately now Jaguar will have to develop their own platform. But if they do they could do a 3 series rival for both saloon and coupe. Perhaps even a TT rival? Now that would sell.....


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