New seven-seat Ford C-Max pictures leak out
11 September 2009

These are the first official images of the Grand Ford C-Max, the new seven-seat version of the MPV.

The Grand C-Max pictures have leaked on to the internet ahead its official launch.

See the Grand Ford C-Max high-res photo gallery here

Much of its styling follows the same themes as the five-door C-Max unveiled last week, although the seven-seater is longer and has a sliding rear door. The roofline of the Grand C-Max also slopes less than the five-seater, allowing more headroom for rear-seat passengers.

The pictures also show the car's interior - something that was not shown in the five-seat reveal, but which Ford has boasted will set new quality standards.

Speculation suggests that engine options will include the usual petrol and diesel units from the Focus and Kuga, as well as Ford's new 1.6-litre EcoBoost unit.

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11 September 2009

I quite like the look of this, it's a big improvement on the current dull C-Max.

I haven't yet worked out though why there is a need for a 7 seat C-Max and an S-Max. Surely the price difference won't be that great?

11 September 2009

Is it just me, or is there a whiff of Kia about it all? I like it in general and its defo better than the current C-max

11 September 2009

[quote]Lee23404 wrote the following post at Fri, Sep 11 2009 4:32 PM: I quite like the look of this, it's a big improvement on the current dull C-Max. I haven't yet worked out though why there is a need for a 7 seat C-Max and an S-Max. Surely the price difference won't be that great?[/quote] I agree, surely Ford will be stealing sales from itself, which seems strange in an already very competitive market segment

11 September 2009

I like the interior, but I'm not particularly struck on the rear end. And I too can't see why they need three seven-seaters in their range. Still, I guess each one has its own market.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

11 September 2009

Cab drivers love their 7 seaters and they don't all wanna have the same car innit...

11 September 2009

meh. think 'kinetic design' has had its day. Duller version of Kuga front end, Mazda 5 side, Chevrolet Cruze interior. Why is there a 7 seat version anyway? S-Max anyone?

11 September 2009

Meh. Think 'kinetic design' has had its day. A dull version of the Kuga grafted onto the front, Mazda 5 side and Chevrolet Cruze interior. And anyway, why a 7 seat version? S-Max anyone?

11 September 2009

Must say the Ford kinetic thang doesn't seem to graft on to everything so well. This looks odd. Front end is OK, though very familiar, side is pure Mazda 5 with added fussiness, while the rear is Ssangyong-horrendous. The sliding side doors are to prepare the way for the same on the new S-Max, which will sell in the US where sliding doors are obligatory on MPV's. Will sell in droves.

11 September 2009

C'mon Ford - did you HAVE to pinch 'Grand' from Renault? (What was wrong with C-Maxed Out?!) Oh well, at least it's better proportioned than the 5-seater. The seats look nice. But the dash could be from almost anything. And the rear half of the exterior is a dog's breakfast.

12 September 2009

I like that, and it's been a while since I've thought that about a Ford. Shouldn't take sales from S-MAX, the C-MAX is a part time 7 seater, sized as a five seater MPV with a bit of added versatility for school runs and stuff at the cost of all the luggage space. I'd buy this, but not the S-MAX as that wouldn't fit where I need to park it.


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