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Company boss Amadeo Felisa insists V12 will live on

The first hybrid Ferrari is likely to be a V12, company boss Amadeo Felisa has admitted to Autocar.

However, he also conceeded that electrical assistance for the company’s sports cars won’t happen until battery technology improves.

"We will work for the next three or four years on the technology and evaluate batteries," he admitted.

However, despite the trend towards downsizing, the V12 Ferrari is here to stay he insisted.

"If we move to a turbo on the eight cylinders it’s not because we want to get rid of the V12s," he said at the Frankfurt motor show.

However before the introduction of hybrids Ferrari is plotting a series of improvements to fuel economy and emissions, starting with the introduction of a stop-start California next March.

"California will be the model that drives our innovations," he said, "because we feel its customers are more concerned about these things."

Other improvements will follow, including work to improve the newly launch 458 Italia during its lifetime.

Chas Hallett


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