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New ATS coupe launches in Detroit; available in US showrooms this summer

The Cadillac ATS coupe arrives in showrooms in the States this summer, is has been revealed at the Detroit motor show.

Based on the saloon (which was North American Car of the Year in 2013), this coupe sits on the same 2775mm wheelbase as the four-door ATS but features a wider track. 

Taking a page from BMW, Cadillac plugs the coupe’s “nearly perfect 50/50 weight balance.” The optional “FE3” sport suspension includes quicker steering, staggered wheels and tires, magnetic dampers, and a limited-slip differential.

All ATS Coupes are fitted with 18-inch wheels. Like its German competitors, it’s available with either rear-drive or all-wheel drive. Unfortunately, like the sedan there are no plans for a right-hand drive version. 

The 2.0-liter turbo is tweaked for 14 per cent more torque versus the four-door and develops the same 272bhp—beating the BMW 428i's power-to-weight ratio. The optional 3.6-litre V6 puts out 321bhp but its 275lb ft of torque is actually 20lb ft down compared to the 2.0-liter. The coupe skips the base ATS sedan’s 202bhp, 2.5-liter four-cylinder. 

Transmission choices are a 6-speed manual or automatic—with only the latter paired with the V6. Inside, the 2+2 layout is complemented with standard or available color heads-up display, radar cruise, rear cross-traffic alert, and motorized seat belts for front occupants. A 4G LTE telematics system with an in-car app marketplace is new for 2015. 

Like the ATS sedan, the exterior styling of the ATS Coupe is refreshingly subdued compared to other Cadillac products. The roof, doors, rear fenders, and boot lid are unique to the coupe.

It’s also the first Cadillac to utilize company’s updated, more modest badge—losing the classic laurel wreath.

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Otto 14 January 2014

Caddy pic.

Thanks, mate, looks great.
Otto 14 January 2014

Caddy coupe

This is not a coupe, it's a sedan. An American coupe has no window pillar between front and back seating areas and is normally a two-door. It can also be referred to as a sports coupe or two-door hardtop. What you are showing is a four-door sedan. Have any correct picies?
3mocion 14 January 2014

Just an ATS with 2 less doors

I've seen the photos else where and I'm very unimpressed. It looks too soft, the dlo is badly proportioned making the whole profile ill proportioned, and on the whole, it looks like a 2 door ATS saloon.

@Concinnity Why bother spending the money to engineer a rhd version when no one will buy them for two obvious reasons, they're Cadillacs (ostentatious like most things in America ie. like walking into a gentlemen's poker game with cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a theme tune playing in the background). 2 The Germans offer a far better package overall.