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Large open-top Bentley concept confirmed for production, featuring Mulsanne's 6.75-litre twin-turbo V8 engine
Darren Moss
2 mins read
18 November 2014

Bentley has unveiled its new Grand Convertible at the Los Angeles motor show.

The model, which is described as "the ultimate expression of British automotive luxury," and "the most sophisticated open-top car ever created by Bentley," is powered by the same 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine as the Mulsanne and Mulsanne Speed.

Bentley quotes official power output figures of 530bhp and 811lb ft - the same as the Mulsanne Speed. In that car, the engine is capable of delivering a 0-62mph time of 4.9 seconds.

Company officials have told Autocar the car will make production, and will retain its Grand Convertible name. However, customers willl be able to give their own 'official' name to each model, too.

It is understood that the model has taken five years to bring to production - largely because so much of Bentley's resources have been put into developing its SUV.

A coupé version of the Grand Convertible could also come to market, though has yet to be given the green light by Bentley officials. Such a model would work well in Europe, but demand in Bentley's two biggest markets - the US and China - would be small compared to demand for the open-top car.

Previewed as far back as 2012, the Grand Convertible has previously been rumoured to cost around £275,000.

Virtual concepts for the coupé have already been created, with officials saying it looks "absolutely stunning."

This Grand Convertible concept features bespoke paintwork and a 'liquid metal' finish to the bonnet and windscreen frame on the outside, while the cabin is trimmed with leather. Contrasting blue stitching also features, while the wooden tonneau at the rear is the largest ever applied to a Bentley model.

The model is entirely new from the B-pillar backwards, but shares its doors with the Mulsanne saloon.

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18 November 2014
...someone forgot the Bentley logos on the rear seat head restraints, to match the front ones. Still, at a paltry £275k, I expect embroidered rear seat head restraints are a cost option....

18 November 2014
Seriously, how did it take so long to come up with what appears to be a RR Phantom Drophead clone that's just a little porkier (muscular?) in some places.

18 November 2014
I thought the point of Bentley being independent of Rolls-Royce was that it didn't need to produce rebadged versions of their products. Bizarre.

18 November 2014
I see that in the subtitles below the pictures one of the claims for the Grand Convertible is that it has the 'Largest wooden tonneau ever applied to a Bentley'. What? I can't believe there aren't also some fascinating facts for them to publish about the windscreen 'the most transparent yet...', the wheels 'the roundest yet...' or perhaps the tyre valve caps - 'the blackest, densest plastic ever applied to...' Selling cars is clearly getting exceptionally hard.

18 November 2014
None of these photos shows the back of the car.
Maybe they are trying to hide something, the back of the Mulsanne being the worst aspect of the car (The first time I saw a Mulsanne was from the back and thought it was one of those imitation luxury saloon from China)
At least in convertible form, the clumsy heaviness around the C-pillar of the Mulsanne is nolonger an issue.

18 November 2014
Does anyone know why they bother twin-turbocharging a 6.75 litre engine for "only" 530hp?

18 November 2014
RogerGraham wrote:

Does anyone know why they bother twin-turbocharging a 6.75 litre engine for "only" 530hp?

I suspect it's due to the focus on torque and the ability to deliver the car's 530 bhp performance in an effortless, relaxed manner at low revs, especially in a car this heavy. More of a waft than a hurried and strained feel.

18 November 2014
The hole point in twin-turbocharging the 6.75L V8 is not aimed at the BHP... It's that 811lb ft of torque to haul the ridiculous 2700kg+ kerb weight due to the fact that the bodywork is made entirely out of steel. Oh, and I think pricing is not an issue if you consider the £350,000 Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head Series 2 Convertible, with its out-dated interior. Although I still really like Rolls Royce I would have to buy the Bentley if it were my money, I love the long bonnet and the very inefficiently massive rear. Truly British!

19 November 2014
Contrary to many people's belief, acceleration is proportional to power not torque. So again, why the twin turbocharging?

19 November 2014
Lanehogger, just read your comment - makes more sense.


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