Striking IAT electric concept to be revealed at Bejing motor show
23 April 2010

This is an updated version of Chinese car maker IAT's Ford Puma-esque concept, the Wifeng.

Called Wifeng II, it has been given a meaner stance and gullwing doors, and has been unveiled alongside three other concepts from Chinese car maker IAT at the Beijing motor show.

See pictures of all IAT's Beijing motor show concepts

According to IAT it will have a top speed of 124mph and a 0-62mph time of seven seconds.

All of IAT's electric concepts have powerplants provided by Japanese battery maker ENAX.

IAT is also displaying a radical one-box electric car called the Zhu Feng (Bamboo Wind). It has a 90mph top speed and a 100 mile range.

Its final concept, the eTaxi, is a more conventionally shaped saloon car with a battery pack which is designed to be replaced in 90 seconds, to avoid long charge times.

The battery pack will take eight hours to fully recharge, although it can be 80 per cent recharged in 30 minutes.

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16 April 2010

This is a much more interesting Chinese car story than the story about the "MG 3" "lets go back to the past" car we read about yesterday. Not so much maybe for the actual model, but for the fact that this gives further credibility to the idea that Chinese carmakers are working hard to get an advantage over their European counterparts when it comes to electric car development. Electric cars with advanced battery technology - rather than oudated looking and performing cars that add nothing to what is already on offer- may well turn out to be the Chinese carmakers' real entry-point to the European market, .


16 April 2010

The Wifeng 2 looks rather good, I don't know how practical the gull wing doors will be in real life in over crowded car parks etc. but the rest looks cohesive.

17 April 2010

I quite like it (the gullwing one) Looks like a fat bumblebee

17 April 2010

Nice car and could be popular if cheap enough. Good to see this electric car has two exhaust pipes. V6 battery is it?

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