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Aussie Invader 5R is rivalling the British Bloodhound team to be the first to break the 1000mph barrier

An Australian team, Aussie Invader, has launched its campaign to break the world land speed record. The team, lead by Australian Speed Record holder Rosco McGlashan, hopes to beat the British Bloodhound team to reaching speeds of more than 1000mph. 

Aussie Invader 5R, currently under construction, will be powered by an oxygen and bio-kerosene rocket engine. The unit is based on that used in the Altas V spacecraft and will produce 62,000lbs of thrust - approximately 200,000 horsepower - allowing the car to reach a predicted 1000mph in 20 seconds.

The solid aluminium wheels run without tyres. McGlashan’s team say they weigh 100kg each and can turn at up to 10,000rpm

Like Bloodhound, the team expect to increase their speed in stages to maximise driver safety. McGlashan hopes to set the records within Australia itself. Kimberley, Western Australia and Birdsville, Queensland are the most likely sites for an attempt.

Josh Woodcock

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johnfaganwilliams 19 October 2012

Reminds me of Art Arfons

whose "Green Monster" looked like it was knocked together in a shed but went head to head with Craig Breedlove's much more sophisticated Spirits of America for several years when the record went from sub 400 mph to plus 600. Hope that the Brits with their admirable concentration on tech investment and education don't get beaten by a bunch of Oz Tinkerers! Aussies don't have much regard for reputations........ Craig Breedlove also in the race so should be a vintage period for record fans.

toptidy 19 October 2012

Aussie speed record

They will have to get someone of another nationality to drive it - they get nicked for 68 mph on a motorway, with fines typically doubled on public holidays; Mark Webber must be the only Aussie with any experience at over 70 mph!

Ask Lewis Hamilton about 2010...............

owenmahamilton 19 October 2012

The Bloodhounmd project is

The Bloodhounmd project is not just about breaking their own landspeed record though as their main aim is to get schoolkids into engineering, even though it was the former Minister of Science Lord Drayson who came up with the idea, I do think the government should be giving the team more backing.

Smilerforce 19 October 2012

surely a sports air filter

surely a sports air filter and nitrous kit could do the same on MG 25 GTI.  No need for the rocket as halfords don't stock it.