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An MG5-based SUV concept will be revealed at the Shanghai motor show later this month

The MG CS Concept will make its world debut at the Shanghai motor show. The car has been penned by MG design boss, Anthony Williams-Kenny.

MG Motor says the former MG Rover and Mitsubishi designer's concept "oozes British design flair while embracing the sporting DNA of MG, an iconic brand".

The MG CS has headlights which have a "multi-faceted shard structure" that refract light in different colours and shapes from the side, but forms the MG hexagon from the front.

Last year, MG revealed its Icon SUV concept, a retro-styled take on the Nissan Juke. The CS Concept appears to be a refined version of the Icon concept, but has ditched MGB-inspired styling for a more modern look, falling in line with the rest of MG's range.

Little is known about the CS concept, but should it be an evolution of the Icon, it is likely to be based on the MG5's plaform. Power could come from a SAIC-developed, 1.5-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that's understood to develop around 135bhp.

Rumours of an MG SUV have circulated since 2011, when MG's sales and marketing director suggested such a car could follow the introduction of more mainstream models.

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bunty 19 April 2013



'MG; why not sell some cars by pretending they are British made. Simply ask the Chinese to supply each car with a free Union Jack flag. This can either be attached to the door frame or waved enthusiastically at passers-by. For even greater attraction each car could also be supplied with a free Prince William and Kate mug or a toy London double-decker bus'.

Worth a try?


bunty 17 April 2013

UK Manutacturing


Surely UK manufacturing would be best served by consumers buying Toyota,Honda, Nissan, JLR where high quality products are actually manufactured providing great car ownership packages. There is no actual production at Longbridge. 

With regard to the new MG6 diesel, this car has fallen further behind the pack compared to the equivalent crop of new diesels ie Volkswagen, Skoda, Honda. Despite being a poor product it actually is a more expensive ownership prospect in view of high depreciation, high emissions and low mpg. 

By all accounts it looks as though the MG5 and MG3 will be even worse compared to the high quality of their competitors.  They will be out of date by the time when or if they arrive in UK.

I wouldn't wouldn't want these high-polluting cars in UK.  It's a relief that they've only sold a handful to actual private buyers as opposed to leasing to AVIS and the few MG outlets in UK, and that the actual numbers now registered are reducing because the trade can't shift the ex-AVIS and ex-dealer demonstrators.  



kowalski99 16 April 2013

BMC/BL/Austin Rover/Rover Group/MG-Rover/MG-Motors UK

Will no-one be happy until this company is dead??

The MG6 looks pretty good- id say more pleasing than a focus, is much cheaper and better equipped than its rivals and the diesel engine- although not 'Sky active' clean, is not too bad. Id certainly have this car over some competitors...

Re: the pipeline products, it looks like MG are going to have a busy 12 months. If we support these cars, more people will be employed. 20 years down the line, Longbridge could be SAIC's European design and production hub. Even if a great deal of the product comes from China, they will still be creating jobs, which is especially important if design is UK based.

I just dont understand why there are so many people ready to line up and laugh at the brand. Its been the same for 50 years, even when the company was producing xj jags, range rovers, mini's up to the recent MGZT.

I sold MG's untill the companys demise in 2005, then sold Mazda's as a replacement franchise to MG Rover, and although the Mazda's were more reliable, they had little sole, character or individuality, and as for the Mazda customers, dont even start me on that one.....MGzt over Mazda 6, easy!!

Im glad to see MG back, they may not be there yet, and yes there is plenty of room for improvement. But I want them to succeed, I want them to create fun affordable cars to challenge the mainstream, I want them to grow there manufacturing plant and employ people. We just need to be a bit more patient and a bit less angry/agressive/nasty/hostile/rabid towards the brand.

One final thing, never under estimate the Chinese!