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Corvette-powered track car available to order now for £117,000

Innotech’s £117,000 track car, the Aspiron, has had its world public debut at the Goodwood Festival of speed.

The car is offered with a range of Corvette-derived V8 engines, developing between 500-800hp, and a six-speed manual gearbox – the same Ricardo unit used in both the Ford GT and the Hennessey Venom GT. “It’s a proven gearbox,” says Innotech owner Zdenek Mrkvica. “It can take the power with no problem, it’s durable.” 

A kerbweight of between 760-860kg, depending on specification, is aimed at aiding durability and performance. An aluminium spaceframe underpins the car, while inside lightweight Tillet carbon fibre racing seats, with a carbon fibre dashboard containing a single digital display, form the cabin.  

Styling wise, there are plenty of nods to the Caparo T1, though Mrkvica says the brand has always been an inspiration for him. “When I first saw the Caparo T1 I was in Vegas and I was very impressed with what I saw, the look and the concept. I thought that would be the way to go for us on our next project.”

Innotech decided to learn from lessons bought on by the T1. “Their car was too special, too unique", says Mrkvica. "Our car is based on a similar look, but it’s a very different vehicle. It’s cheaper, both to buy and to own. There’s different technology here.”

That said, unique and bespoke styling is still going to be a big draw for Innotech customers. The company is actively targeting the car towards the super-rich, and thus is offering some unique performance options: “We can do different engines and different styles.

"If someone came to us with a Ferrari V8 or a Viper V10 then we could fit that, there’s space for that. Being a small company we can really build the car to customer specifications.”

The Chevrolet V8 engine option is likely to be the biggest seller for the moment, though, due to Mrkvica’s extensive experience with the other side of Innotech’s business – selling modified and highly tuned Corvettes

Innotech also has a history developing supercars. Its first model, the Mysterro, used another Corvette-derived engine when it went on sale in 2000. 

For customers who want even more exclusivity, Innotech already has special editions of the Aspiron in the pipeline. Mrkvica says that each limited edition run would comprise between 12-20 units.

Orders are now open for the Aspiron, with deliveries expected towards spring next year. Over the next year the company wants to shorten its production time to three or four months for each batch of cars.

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While the Aspiron won’t be going up the Goodwood hill this year – Innotech says the car will definitely be coming to take on the course at the 2014 Festival of Speed – perhaps even setting its sights on the lap record.

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Peter Cavellini 13 July 2013

OH my!

Award for wierdest car at Goodwood...?