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Czech-based Innotech presents £117,000 Aspiron track-day car

The Innotech Aspiron, a new track-day car from Czech-based company Innotech, will have its UK debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week.

Innotech, which specialises in modifying the Chevrolet Corvette, says the Aspiron is aimed at SRT Viper and Porsche 911 owners.

Much like the Caparo T1, the Aspiron takes its design cues from Formula 1, and, thanks to an all-carbonfibre body, it weighs just 760kg. It is powered by a choice of Chevrolet V8 engines producing between 500 and 800bhp. A special version, which runs on ethanol E85, is said to produce 1000bhp. 

All engines are driven through the rear wheels via a Ricardo-built six-speed manual gearbox and a Ford limited-slip differential.

The tubular spaceframe chassis features a fully open cockpit with seating for two. Occupants are secured in carbonfibre seats by six-point racing harnesses.

Prices start at £117,918 for the 500bhp LS3-powered car, rising to £161,445 for the 800bhp 6.2-litre LS9 version.

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jmd67 4 July 2013

I've been wondering why

I've been wondering why nobody has done something like this for a long time. Caparo hamstrung itself by using such a small highly strung engine. Just make the whole thing half as big again and you can more then double the power. And the weight of the driver doesn't make as huge a relative difference either.

Brillant. Except it looks like it's been styled by a child. Look at the Mono and see what a lost opportunity this mess is. In fact, how could the guys building it look at the Mono and STILL come up wth this Gerry Anderson kit car? And then they painted it bright orange. Holy Moly...

Peter Cavellini 4 July 2013


Certainly different....from a distance, i just hope there built as well as they look here.