Currently reading: Radical unleashes its fastest road car yet at Geneva show
The British manufacturer has revealed the 700bhp RXC Turbo 500R ahead of a new Nürburgring lap record tilt in the summer

Radical has unveiled the 700bhp RXC Turbo 500R, by far the most powerful car in its history, at the Geneva motor show.

The car will be available in both road and race trim and in the summer will be used for an assault on the Nürburgring lap record for a road car, which has been held since 2009 by the Radical SR8, which lapped in 6min 48sec in the hands of Michael Vergers.

The RXC Turbo 500R is based on the extant RXC Turbo but comes with new turbos, indirect and direct fuel injection to boost power to 600bhp in standard form, but with a further 100bhp available as an option.

In addition to the extra power, the new RXC Turbo 500R comes with full carbonfibre bodywork, said to lower weight by around 60kg, giving a kerbweight of almost exactly one tonne.

The car will be available first in a stripped-out, limited run of 21 cars to signify the 21 kilometres of a Nürburgring lap, but the mechanical enhancements will then be made available as part of the normal range. The RXC Turbo 500R is priced at £167,500 plus local taxes.

Radical won’t be drawn on just how fast the new RXC Turbo 500R may go around the 'Ring and has not yet run any lap simulations.

“But we do have all the data from the 2009 run,” said a spokesman, “and know where we were strong and where we were weak. Essentially the car carried huge speed through the corners but didn’t reach high enough speeds on the straight. With 700bhp and completely different aerodynamics, we plan to ensure that does not happen again.”

Radical plans to do three runs as part of a new partnership with Dunlop. One will be on a standard tyres, one with track day but still road legal rubber and finally a run on slicks.

It should be noted that no standard production car from a mainstream manufacturer has yet got close to the time set by Radical in 2009.

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