Entry-level model could still be produced; Ferrari also confirms naturally aspirated V12 engines will remain in future models

Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has said that the V6-powered entry-level Dino model remains on the drawing board.

Marchionne said last year to Autocar that the Dino name and a V6 return was possible, but today at the Geneva motor show he said there had been "zero progress" since and it was "on the drawing board". He added: "We'll let you know when there's something to say."

Marchionne also ruled out an electric car from Ferrari because noise was part of the appeal of driving one, although hybrids were inevitable. However, hybrids would be used to boost the performance and driveability and not just cut CO2 emissions, as with LaFerrari.

Marchionne again ruled out an SUV for Ferrari and said an autonomous Ferrari would happen "over my dead body, you'd have to shoot me first".

He promised "something special" for Ferrari's 70th anniversary next year, and also said that Ferrari should cut the amount of limited run special models it does to preserve their exclusivity and ensure they remain "unpredictable".

Ferrari also has no plans to reduce the capacity and add turbochargers to its flagship V12 engine. "It's an important part of our brand," said Marchionne.

He added that Ferrari would make no more than 8000 cars in 2016, and part of the firm's flotation would involve developing the non-car luxury side of the brand, although Marchionne said he didn't know what direction this would take yet.

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Ferrari LaFerrari

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1 March 2016
"firm's flotation would involve developing the non-car luxury side of the brand". If Porsche can do SUV's with VW engines then anything could happen. Imagine Magnum PI in a Red 7 seater SUV barrowing across Hawaii.

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

1 March 2016
It's possible in order to please the recent shareholders.

And the FIAT group has good Diesel engines.

4 March 2016
Pizzas sell well.

And chocolate. I nearly forgot, chocolate sells well.

Why don't they sell chocolate pizzas? Maybe the shareholders would like that.

10 March 2016
If Germans make something, this doesn't necessariliy mean that all the others have to.
Porsche was badly needing to make SUVs because they are fossilised around the 911, a perfect car but trapped in its own icon.
Ferrari has never lost (well, almost never) its ability to remain a legend by innovating day-by-day styles, engines, architectures. But it never needed to betray its mission. Cheers.

31 March 2016
old Macaroni (Marchionne ) face actually said two things good as well as one bad.
The good: no SUV
no all electric
The bad : No Dino on the move
The Ugly?? His personal secret financial gains of public money

what's life without imagination

29 May 2018

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25 February 2019
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