New lightweight all-electric Morgan EV3 offers a range of 150 miles and can reach 62mph in 8.0sec

The Morgan EV3, the first all-electric series production car in the company's history, has been revealed at the Geneva motor show.

Based on the successful 3 Wheeler sports car, the EV3 swaps the 3 Wheeler’s 80bhp V-twin engine for a 62bhp electric motor, which is fed by a lithium battery and promises a zero-emissions range of 150 miles.


Despite the addition of a heavy electric powertrain, the EV3 weighs less than 500kg – a significant reduction on the 525kg of the standard 3 Wheeler. Part of that saving is due to new lightweight carbonfibre composite body panels. Morgan says the new car can reach 62mph in less than 9.0sec, with a top speed of more than 90mph. In comparison, the 3 Wheeler reaches 62mph in 8.0sec, with a top speed of around 115mph.

The interior of the EV3 features a classic ‘magneto’ switch for drive selection, a digital screen and wood, brass and polished aluminium trim.

A pre-production version of the EV3 was revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year, but Morgan says it is now ready to start the last stages of testing for the new car ahead of production beginning in Q4 of this year. A group of 10 customers in the UK and Holland will provide feedback for the final car.

Announcing the EV3, Morgan said the car “looks at the world of zero emissions motoring from an entirely different perspective, what if an all-electric vehicle was bespoke, hand-crafted and exhilarating to drive? The EV3 embraces new technology, delivers responsible driving excitement and continues to celebrate traditional British craftsmanship.”

Morgan managing director Steve Morris said: “The EV3 is an exciting opportunity for our customers to enjoy the unique Morgan driving experience and the joy of tailored manufacture while remaining conscientious towards the future of our planet.”

Morgan says the EV3 will be priced "comparably" with the 3 Wheeler, which currently starts at £31,140.

Also on display in Geneva is a special 80th anniversary edition of Morgan’s staple 4/4. Having been originally launched in 1936, the 4/4 is billed as the longest running production car in the world. Just 80 examples will be made, and will feature solid wheels, bespoke paintwork, a side exit sports exhaust, new exterior details and new personalisation options. Prices start at £39,996.

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Morgan 3 Wheeler

After a half-century absence, Morgan returns to three wheels

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1 March 2016
Add a leather helmet, goggles and long Victorian overcoat and you're all set to cruise in steampunk electro-silence. I'd love to have one of these for a summer road trip up to Scotland.


1 March 2016
hammerofgods wrote:

... I'd love to have one of these for a summer road trip up to Scotland.

Might not get to Scotland in 1 go though! Hopefully in another 3 years they'll think about adding a roof... electrics and water don't mix. Or maybe a rack for golf buggy duty...

5 March 2016
Yesss! "Steampunk" is EXACTLY the very first word that blasted into my mind when I first saw this little marvel. I adore it! I want it!


1 March 2016
I have a new toy to aspire to. This is the kind of imaginative, non-conformist stuff we need to see more of from the specialist car industry to challenge the (often well founded) preconception that petrolheads have to be reactionary.

1 March 2016
This is taking the mickey at the way the car industry is heading - are they going to bring back the C5 as the economy model (Sinclair not Citroen).

1 March 2016
The first truly desirable EV ,brilliant concept sod the practicalities I want one

1 March 2016
Morgan need to come up with something new from time to time and judging by plug-in sales growth this is a great way to do it. After all you don't want to be seen as a luddite!


Hydrogen cars just went POP

1 March 2016
... without the dominant engine at the front, I wondered how Morgan would deal with the styling.
Top job though, I like it!

1 March 2016
I love and hate this. Love the tech, the (as previously mentioned) overall steampunk look, the lightness and decent range. Hate, hate, HATE that middle head light being off centre! Otherwise, bravo Morgan for making this

1 March 2016
After reading that the 911R is a limited edition beyond my reach. This is now my favourite car at Geneva! It looks absolutely fantastic, inside and out! This little Cyclops wonder is the first ever EV that I desire to have! And it seems like its going to be affordable too! Good on you Morgan!! They might have a huge hit on their hands here.



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