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Radical lightweight electric concept tipped to be unveiled at the Frankfurt show

Volkswagen will show a single-seat, electric, commuting car at next month’s Frankfurt show, according to press reports.

It’s thought that if the concept makes production, it could be sold as a package with either a sustainable power supply or, possibly, with a solar panels package.

Jurgen Leohold, VW’s head of research, told the Financial Times that because the car is so small and light and only has to accommodate a single occupant, its effective Co2 output would be ‘even better’ than the XL1’s 24g/km (313mpg equivalent).

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This concept appears to be part of VW’s wider move to use increasing amounts of sustainable energy to run its operations.

VW has already spent £120m on two hydro-electric plants (one has been operating since 2010 and the other is due in 2013) in Brazil to provide as much a 40 percent of all the power needed by its factories.

Last month VW signed a supply deal with Austrian power company Verbund that will see 10 percent of the power used by VW’s German plants provided from hydro-electricity.

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