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Kia's new sports car will take inspiration from the GT and GT4 Stinger concept cars, and be on sale by the end of the decade
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23 September 2015

Kia's UK boss Paul Philpott has revealed more details about his firm's upcoming sports car, which will be on sale "by the end of the decade".

Details of the new model are limited, although Kia says it will draw from the knowledge it has gained from developing the widely admired GT and Stinger GT4 concepts. The GT is an elegantly aggressive four-door, rear-drive coupé, while the Stinger is a more compact coupé in the mould of the Toyota GT86.

Read more about the Kia Stinger production car here

The new car will be a model in its own right rather than being based on another Kia and will be “affordable”, according to Philpott. He added that it will need to be sold worldwide to achieve viable production numbers, saying: "a sports car just for Europe doesn’t have the critical mass to justify the level of investment required."

Such a move means the US market will influence its format heavily, although Philpott expects the model to contribute usefully to Kia’s ambition of selling 100,000 cars annually in the UK before the decade is out. This year the company expects to sell slightly more than 80,000 vehicles here.  

The new model will carry the GT moniker somewhere in its name, and is intended to sit at the top of a three-tier performance strategy for the brand. Beneath the halo model will be 'GT' versions of Kia's regular road cars, such as the new Proceed GT and the upcoming Optima GT, while entry-level 'GT Line' versions of other models will also be available. GT Line models receive GT styling packages, but not performance-oriented powertrains. 

The sports car's architecture and engine could be shared with a similar high-performance model from sister brand Hyundai - with Hyundai's version launched under its N Performance brand.

Philpott said that despite good public reaction to the first two GT concept cars, Kia wouldn't be "pushed into a corner just because everyone cries out for it [a sports car]."

Although official timescales only place Kia's sports car as arriving before 2020, it was revealed in December of last year that the first performance models from both Kia and Hyundai are slated for introduction in 2016.

Philpott has also previously confirmed that a B-segment crossover, designed to compete with Nissan’s Juke, will arrive within two years. Kia previewed a possible crossover with the Provo concept at the 2013 Geneva motor show. “We’ll do it right and be a force to be reckoned with,” said Philpott.

Following a relatively slow period of new model introduction, there is set to be a spate of new models from Kia as several models approach the end of their six-year life cycles.


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Additional reporting by Darren Moss

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6 August 2015
A Kia sports car? Oh, the glamour. People who buy a Kia or Hyundai don't like cars, so why bother?
I just don't see the halo affect working on that kind of market. Still, I think it will be interesting to see, if only from a how much money will that lose type of interest. Porsche will be quaking in their boots.

6 August 2015
Kia need something to prove they dont just make appliances (how ever good they might be), so the sooner the better, as long as its decent to drive. But what ever they make it wont be their first sports car, surely that was the Elan.

6 August 2015
I thought the Kia Soul was a Juke rival so why do Kia say they want to make a B segment car to compete with the Nissan Juke when they already have one.
Also I think just because someone drives a Hyundai or a Kia does not mean they have no interest in cars. Maybe they are not a keen driver or a mechanic but they might be interested in there car for other reasons like its style,comfort,reliability,value etc.

6 August 2015
Kia needs a sports Car NOW!!

23 September 2015
"Philpott said that despite good public reaction to the first two GT concept cars, Kia wouldn't be "pushed into a corner just because everyone cries out for it"
This is the most bizarre sales/marketing quote I think I have seen. Why build a concept in the first place if not much bothered about building one and how can positive comments from 'everyone' be turned into a negative response of "pushed into a corner"
I like it, looks like a compact american muscle car..

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