Volkswagen offers a look at the dashboard of the future with this upgraded 292bhp Golf R, which is on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
5 January 2015

Volkswagen has offered visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a glimpse of the dashboard of the future with the unveiling of its new five-door Golf R Touch.

The production-based concept showcases ideas that Volkswagen's design team is currently pursuing for the dashboard architecture of future models. The program is intended to dispense with traditional controls and bring the operating experience more into line with that of modern day electronic items such as smartphones and tablets.

Fitted with three separate display units set within a modified version of the standard Golf R’s dashboard, the US-specification 292bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol-engined hatchback showcases a combination of both gesture and touch controls.  

VW says the concept is aimed at providing safer and more intuitive controls while also providing the scope for added personalisation through a wider combination of colours and graphics.

Included is a 12.8-inch high-resolution touchscreen which is mounted in the upper part of the centre console and is used to control the multimedia system. Underneath it is an 8.0-inch display with haptic feedback that houses controls for the vehicle settings, air conditioning and ancillary functions.

Also featured on the Golf R Touch is a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, dubbed Active Info Display by Volkswagen, in similar in style to that offered as an option on the new Passat.   

A further highlight is a gesture control unit that uses a 3D camera mounted within the roof lining. When the driver touches the roof the digital controls for the sunroof appear in the main 12.8-inch display.

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A simple hand movement from front to rear then serves to open to the sunroof, while a reverse hand movement from rear to front then sees the sunroof close.

A similar gesture control also provides adjustment of the seats. When your hand runs along the side of the seat, the adjustment controls appear in the upper central monitor, allowing the driver and front seat passenger to alter their seating position via the digital display.

As part of Volkswagen's efforts to provide greater personalisation possibilities in future models, its designers have provided the Golf R Touch with an extensive choice of displays and colour schemes, including a welcome display when it is opened and started and a shut down display when the car is switched off. The ambient lighting is claimed to provide the scope for no less than 16.7 million different colour combinations.

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5 January 2015
Did they get that paintjob idea from Peugeot?! I'm not convinced by making the entire dashboard touchscreen. VW appear to have gone a step further by removing air vents from the middle of the dash. If Peugeot were doing that (and they're already nearly there with the new 308), everyone would be going bananas. We'll see if this comes off.


6 January 2015
Jeez, this has got disaster written all over it!
VW group electrics are having enough trouble already....imagine this when it all starts to go wrong in a 3-5 year old car.
Also just imagine what the gesture controls will make of a young lad indulging in a bit of extra curricula with his girlfriend in Mummies car......the mind boggles!

6 January 2015
"dashboard of the future" should read "future VW family dashboard" given that a number of manufacturers have already gone in this direction, notably Tesla.

6 January 2015
As 289 points out what will happen on an older car if the screens fail? Looks like they would cost a lot to replace, assuming parts are even available.

6 January 2015
I have a suggestion for a wonderous development. How about a control that you can touch, grab, and manipulate with your hands where it gives feedback via your fingertips without you having to take your eyes away from the road. We could call this new technology "buttons" or maybe "switches".

I love new tech when it moves the game on, but I can just imagine me trying to swipe up for increased temperature and it not working 20% of the time because my swipe wasn't done correctly, and me getting frustrated and selling the car.

Agree with 289 - I had multiple new Audis and a multitude of electrical failures with them, but no mechanical issues. VW should sort their electrical suppliers before doing this. Having said that I love the new instrument cluster in the TT.

6 January 2015
I love tech and am looking forward to self driving cars for my daily commute. However if I want to open a sunroof it's quicker to just press a button on the roof than put your hand up, pause, wait for camera to recognise you want to do sunroof function (and not just waving) and then slowly move your hand backwards in the car....

6 January 2015
Would you just hold your nose, or would you have to make a face and waft your hand like you do when your dog farts?

I'm beginning to see some benefits for instinctual human reactions now in this system! If you made the w*nker hand signal it could automatically sound the horn and flash the lights. Or, imagine if the system could slow the car right down and hesitate at junctions when the owner did that fingers against lips thing that some brain dead people need to do to be able to think. Or, if you lift your leg to fart it could then automatically open the window next to you. Or, if your wife gets in the car with you it could set the temperature at 20'C higher on her side than yours?

I can now see the point of gesture control!

6 January 2015
This is a toal waste of development time and money, its all gimics, as has been said, if you have to wave your ahnd around you may as wel use a conventional button - gesture control offers NO advantages. Voice control, however, offers lots of advantages and the tech is pretty much ready now.

6 January 2015
Ah, I see we cant edit our posts anymore, just like we cant view large pictures now either, thanks for these "improvements" Autocar.

7 January 2015
typos1 wrote:

Ah, I see we cant edit our posts anymore, just like we cant view large pictures now either, thanks for these "improvements" Autocar.

I wrote something here yesterday about the picture sizes being stupidly small now and got turfed out by this Molloy system for being a spammer! If this post doesn't work either I'll be looking for a new browser homepage...


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