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New saloon is due on sale in Britain at the end of this year, replacing the GS as Lexus's BMW 5 Series rival
Sam Sheehan
2 mins read
18 April 2018

The new Lexus ES has been revealed ahead of the car's debut at the Beijing motor show.

Autocar understands that the ES will come to the UK as the replacement for the GS, which is to be discontinued this month.

The ES has been around since the Lexus brand's inception in 1989, but the seventh-generation model will be the first sold here. The car is 4.8 metres long, the same as the GS, and will serve as a rival to the BMW 5 Series.

The single image posted online today follows the confirmation of the new model earlier this month, when Lexus released a preview image of the car's nose and large front grille.

The ES's angular body panels and sharp lighting features mimic styling applied to the larger LS.

More details on the car are expected at Beijing show next week. The image was only accompanied by the words: "Engaging design, athletic performance, and renowned refinement transform Lexus’s most popular saloon."

Built on the underpinnings of parent company Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA), the model will be offered with a range of hybrid powertrains, possibly taken from the GS. That car features hybrid systems containing four and six-cylinder petrol engines.

The new ES is expected to arrive on roads at the end of 2018. It will be tasked with drastically improving on the sales performance of the GS, which has been a leftfield choice against its predominantly German rivals.

Just 428 examples were sold in Britain last year, meaning the model achieved just 10% of the success of Lexus’s best-selling model here, the NX SUV.

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10 April 2018

.... dream on!

10 April 2018

.....for a credible 1 series rival from Lexus - that is not that ugly CT thing.

11 April 2018

The ride on the CT is awful. Had a test drive in one and couldn't wait to return it to the dealer.

10 April 2018

It's never been sold in Europe has it?,it started off as a slightly warmed over Camry and since then it's used similar architecture with it's Toyota sibling, I'm not sure how the front wheel drive ES is going to do much better than it's RWD predecessor. The GS is a really nice car well equipped and with peerless build quality,but it's never had the sales success it should have and I think it's unlikely that the ES will change this

10 April 2018

When Lexus first appeared in the late '80s people started deserting Merc, BMW and Jaguar in droves 'cos they seemed new and exciting (you could balance a coin on the engine cover! Wow!) But Toyota never showed enough creativity, flair or imagination to keep people interested and now I hardly see any of them. Somehow, I suspect Tesla are going to go the same way.


10 April 2018

Lexus never acheived success in Europe (unlike America where the product was competetively priced), it was too expensive compared to the established brands and held no cache for was after all a Toyota 'plus tinsel'. There was no 'desertion in droves'  from European premium product this side of the pond ( I have no idea where you are might be from the States)

Reliable they admittedly were, but they lost value like a sinking stone, had poor designs...basically a copy of primarily last gen M-B product,  and were seen as giving off the wrong demographic signals for aspiring execs.

Lexus got it wrong, they thought they could join an elite party of brands just by copying design cues, adding reliability and pricing accordingly.

Lexus then went through a period of near invisibility, followed by the current 'wacky' Gotham City styling which has a minority following.

Infinity....this time a Datsun under another name  (fooling no one), has also found out the hard way that there is no fastTrack to the premium club ....they could have saved themselves a heap of money by looking at Lexus failure to 'crack' this market.

GM have had countless attempts with Cadillac to push their crap into this market too....all met with miserable failure. 'Premiumness' (if such a word exists outside of the USA), has to be earnt, not bought.

10 April 2018

I traded in a Mazda 3 for an IS300H. In doing so I considered BMW, Merceds & Jaguar buit wouldn't consider an Audi after the way my wife was treated with her VW Tiguan over the emissions fiddle.

Mercedes and BMW dealers ignored me completely, presumably they thought I was a timewaster. Jaguar very keen to do business but as I do less than 10,000 miles a year diesel wasn't practical so bought the Lexus. 3 years on, dealer service excellent, 48 mpg average which is better than I expected, exceptionally comfortable and quiet. The sat nav control is a bit quirky, but I soon got used to that. 

Will I buy another? Yes.

11 April 2018

Thanks Richbw. Good to hear from an owner with 3 years' experience. I nearly bought an IS300H but was put off by the lack of a spare wheel. The NX was far too pricey. Ended up with a Q3 petrol (1.4) which is comfy but lacks excitement. Might keep my Q3 but buy a second hand MX-5 for some fun runs.

18 April 2018

One of Lexuseseses problems was that during the Diesel fad of the past couple of decades they all but ignored the black pump. That may finally turn out in their favour - petrols and hybrids.

They also didn't establish a full range of SUVs when that craze started, though with 2 now and another on the way the future looks bright, at least they didn't try to rebadge the Land Cruiser here.

Another negative was the Alan Partridge association, the "Japanese Mercedes", see also: Rover 800 Vitesse....

I actually parked beside an RC coupe at the airport, a car I didn't really know even existed!

10 April 2018

I had to look closely at the accompanying picture. I thought it was the same picture which accompanied the new Focus preview a few articles below.



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