Currently reading: First right-hand-drive AC Cobra MkVI to launch at Autosport International
434bhp Cobra is supplied by UK distributor MacG Racing and comes with modern updates; GT4 racing version will follow

The first AC Cobra MkVI to be offered in right-hand-drive form will be launched at the Autosport International show this month.

The two-seater sports car is based on the design of the MkVI and uses a 6.2-litre V8 engine, which produces 434bhp and can accelerate the car from 0-62mph in 3.4sec, up to a top speed of 173mph.

Using more modern parts than the recently launched Cobra 378, the MkVI is built on a spaceframe chassis and has an aluminium-epoxy body. As such, it receives global homologation to make producing it for world markets simpler. The 378, which retains the ladder chassis of the earliest cars, isn’t expected to receive homologation.

The Cobra MkVI will also spawn a homologated GT4 race car, which is currently under development.

Richard MacGregor of MacG Racing said: “The AC Cobra is an iconic model which has remained extremely popular throughout its different versions. The MkVI retains all of the beauty and charm of the original AC Cobras, with a modern update.

“Previously only available in left-hand drive, we are thrilled that we can now launch a version better suited to British roads,” he continued. “Our Racing Team are also excited about our involvement in the development of the GT4 version and being able to race it in due course.”

The right-hand-drive AC Cobra MkVI will be revealed at the Autosport International show on 12 January.

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MrsChippy 4 January 2017

Made in Germany?

Mr Sheehan, as you appear to be writing the current crop of Cobra related reports, an elementary piece of information to include would be the origin of each new model. I presume this one is manufactured in Heyda, Germany? What of the 378? Is that to be made in the UK or South Africa or, perhaps, Germany too?
289 4 January 2017

Hmmmmm! the "Mk V1 is based on the design of the Mk V1" is it?!

Still looks a dogs dinner, the proportions look all wrong!
Far better to have a Kirkham built to your own spec. IMO.