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Most of those interested in the McLaren MP4-12C are Porsche owners, according to a senior official

McLaren is targeting Porsche owners with its new MP4-12C supercar, according to the head of the firm’s North American division.

Most of the potential customers of the McLaren MP4-12C are currently Porsche owners, rather than Ferrari owners, claims Anthony Joseph.

He believes that while Maranello relies to a certain extent on image and visual flair, McLaren and Porsche subscribe to a more focused school of thinking based around “substance over style”.

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Joseph also claims that 2700 parties had declared an interest in the MP4-12C before its most recent public appearance at Pebble Beach in August.

And although money has yet to changes hands, McLaren would only require just over a third of those interested to complete MP4-12C orders in order to achieve its planned sales of target of 1000 units in the first year of production.

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Joseph added that McLaren is aiming to introduce one new model or variant of an existing model per year between now and 2015, which it says will take it to its annual production target of 4500 units.

The MP4-12C will go on sale in the early part of 2011, with a price tag of around £150k.

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Lanehogger 7 September 2010

Re: McLaren 'aims for Porsche owners'

The 911 is a McLaren rival, it's just that Porsche has a wider range of choice (like you'd find on a Focus for example). Ok, you wouldn't necessarily compare the Carrera to the MP4-12C, but with the Turbo you would. Audi and Aston Martin, to a lesser extent, do the same too with the R8 and Vantage respectively. I'm sure McLaren will launch a less powerful version of the MP thingy in due course to rival the Carrera S and R8 V8.

In terms of the McLaren itself i'm sure it will be a technical and engineering masterpiece, but will it deliver the same thrills and driving pleasure as a 911, 458, Vantage or Gallardo? I doubt it. I reckon it will simply be like their racing cars - a tool just designed to go and break as fast as possible based on maths and science.

Peter Cavellini 7 September 2010

Re: McLaren 'aims for Porsche owners'

Modern designs!, modern designs!, i've said that twice incase you didn't hear me, more the other way, it's taken other and new company's 40 years plus too come up with something close too an everyday supercar,Porsche's don't need TLC 24/7, open the car door stick the key in the ignitio or press thtstarter buttin and of you go! try that after a couple of days sitting idle with your Ferrari and the like!.

Allanp 7 September 2010

Re: McLaren 'aims for Porsche owners'

What a Joke targeting Porsche customers

i filled an online expression of interest including an extensive car history in feb including 2 x 997 turbos and 997 GT2 and i have yet to even have a proper acknowlagement

McLaren get your act together!!!!