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Audi says concept will spawn similar production model

Audi will produce a production car very similar to the lightweight A5 coupe prototype, Autocar can reveal.

By using an advanced aluminium and carbon fibre construction the 2.0-litre turbocharged coupe is 100kg lighter than the standard steel-bodied production version. However it weighs 240kg less than a standard A5 3.2 V6 quattro, the performance of which Audi says the lightweight coupe can match despite less power.

Read the Autocar's first drive of the lightweight A5 concept

The lightweight concept is fitted with the 2.0-litre, 208bhp FSI engine, achieving a power-to-weight ratio of 159bhp per tonne. By comparison, the production A5 3.2 FSI V6 quattro with 261bhp, shades it only by a fraction at 170bhp per tonne.

The standard A5 is constructed around a conventional steel monocoque chassis, but this car is built around an aluminium spaceframe chassis, covered in aluminium panels. The boot and bonnet are made from carbonfibre-reinforced plastics.

Audi says it shows how its cars can be “downsized”, using smaller engines, brakes, wheels, tyres and fuel tanks, while still maintaining the same performance.

This actual car is unlikely to make production but Audi is adamant a very similar vehicle will make reach showrooms soon.

“This is an indication of our direction,” a company source told Autocar, “while this actual car may not make production, something along these lines definitely will.”

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BriMarsh 30 September 2009

Re: Lightweight A5 concept

Perhaps if the buying public could be persuaded that we don't all need overblown, oversized, overpowered and over engineered cars this sort of 'tinkering' wouldn't be needed. So that's a non-starter then.

disco.stu 30 September 2009

Re: Lightweight A5 concept

Is this not just a re-hash of the story first run a couple of weeks ago? Without going back to read the original report, there doesn't seem to be anything significantly new added here.

artill 30 September 2009

Re: Lightweight A5 concept

More diesels and Turbo'd small petrols are an unfortunate sign of the rush to reduce CO2, but greater use of aluminium, and generally lighter cars are a very welcome. So go on Audi, build it.