A new batch of images have been leaked ahead of the Jaguar F-type's reveal at this week's Paris motor show
25 September 2012

More Jaguar F-type images have been leaked ahead of its debut at the Paris motor show this week.

The latest leaked pictures show how the production-specification F-type will appear from the rear and in profile. They also reveal the interior for the first time.

The F-type’s cabin will feature heavily sculpted sports seats, with what appears to be a leather-covered dashboard and alcantara steering wheel. The F-type will carry Jaguar’s standard infotainment system.

It had previously been revealed the F-type would feature an eight-speed automatic gearbox, but these pictures reveal it will be operated by a manual-look gearshift, rather than the rotary dial found in other Jaguar Land Rover models.

The sleek rear end, shown in a production-ready state for the first time, will have more angular lights than the Jaguar XK, and the twin rear exhausts are centrally-mounted.

A ‘R’ badged performance version will be offered after launch, but the car shown here is an ‘S’ variant, which will be the range-topper initially.

Our Verdict

Jaguar F-type

The Jaguar F-Type convertible provides direct competition to the 718 Boxster and the 911 Cabriolet, but can the big cat take a bite out of its Porsche rivals?

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25 September 2012

looks lovely. I wasn't so sure about it from just the front. But now I've seen the rest of it, I'm quite taken.

Very nice. Be interesting to see if this style is carried over to the other models.


Never wrestle with a pig. You'll only get muddy, and the pig will enjoy it.

25 September 2012

There's no doubt it looks really nice, an I'm certain it will be fabulous to drive. But it doesn't look like a Jaguar from any angle. Will that matter?

17 December 2012

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1 January 2013

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31 January 2013

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25 September 2012

The interior is very much a "me too" set up, apeing the likes of the Porsche Boxster in overall style - but that is no bad thing and Jaguar have put their own mark on it.

It show a clear intention of where they want to be in the market and I just hope the rest of the car can pull it off.



It's all about the twisties........

26 September 2012

Sorry but looks like a Maser from the front, same old Aston for the rest though.... BORING....

25 September 2012

Just seen a couple of great promotional videos on another web site, one taken at Nardo and one featuring the excellent Dirk Schoysman at the Nurburgring, both well worth a view . I'm looking forward to seeing the car in the flesh, I'm not sure that photographs provide the whole story. Really hope it's a huge success .

25 September 2012

Well done Jaguar. Beautiful as a Jag should be but sharp and modern as well. Had Jaguar been styling their cars like this from the 90's I think that they would be in a MUCH better position now. Style sells and the F has bags of it.

25 September 2012

Stuart Milne wrote:

These pictures show a manual gearbox will also be offered.


- no they do not!

The F-type will only get a ZF slush box, like the XK, off which it's based.

The 'gear knob' in the picture is a BMW-style shift selector, for an auto box; the same has already been pictured in 2013 Range Rover Sport prototypes, which we know will be auto only.

Where do they get these terrible hacks?

As to the motor, it looks like an Alfa Romeo SZ rammed a Fiat Barchetta . Will only look good in full-on, drug dealer-sized wheel, fully-pimped, topping-out-at-over-£80k spec, putting it up against 911s, not £50k Boxsters.


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