Currently reading: US car sales recover in 2010
Sales rise by 11 per cent in the US in 2010 compared with recession-hit 2009

New car sales in the US in 2010 jumped by 11 per cent on a troubled 2009, with just over 11.5 million cars being sold.

The biggest winner was the Hyundai Group, which posted a 22 per cent increase in sales, selling 894,496 cars in 2010 versus 753,127 in 2009.

Last year saw a large number of new models being released onto the market as manufacturers battled out of 2009’s recession, as well as numerous end-of-year discounts, which helped boost sales in December.

December sales also revealed a year-on-year increase for almost every major manufacturer, with Toyota being the only company to show a decrease, of six per cent, a potential hangover still from the recall scandal earlier in the year.

The past year has also seen Ford overtake Toyota as the second largest manufacturer in the US behind General Motors for the first time since 2006.

The Blue Oval’s sales increased by 19 per cent year on year, from 1,677,234 cars to 1,964,059, its biggest surge since 1984.

Ford has also emerged as the largest manufacturer in Canada, as the only company in that country to post a sales increase for 2010.

Darren Moss

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