CEO is still hopeful of securing Saab; GM could extend deadline if it gets a suitable offer
29 December 2009

Spyker CEO Victor Muller is still hopeful of completing a deal to buy Saab from General Motors by the end of 2009.

GM has said it will begin to close close Saab down from 31 December unless a suitable offer is received for the ailing Swedish firm and Muller is still confident of an agreement being reached.

"I am very hopeful, I have been from the start," Muller told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. "We have done all we possibly can. Given that [GM's] deadline is December 31, I really expect they will be in contact soon."

However, according to the Bloomberg news agency, GM may be willing to extend the self imposed deadline should it receive an 'interesting' offer for Saab. Saab board member Paul Aakerland told Bloomberg that the 31 December deadline "is not a date that's holy" and GM would be willing to consider offers it feels are suitable after this date.

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29 December 2009

Here we go again... another deadline. Spyker seem keen to get their hands on Saab - yet GM doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry to do the deal. I am therefore surprised it's Spyker who are the ones calling the shots with deadlines... or am I missing something?

29 December 2009

In a related story Victor Muller was hopeful to reunite with his childhood sweetheart that sent him packing many decades ago. He was also high on the possible return to travel by way of Zeppelin (not the lead type).

You don’t need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
—Robert Allen Zimmerman

29 December 2009

As the end of the year draws closer, and my future as a saab salesman grows ever more uncertain, it is a ray of light to find that out there, in the wilderness of the motortrade, someone cares about such a small, but hugely significant company such as SAAB.

GM have systematically strangled SAAB since they bought a 50% share in about 1990, and used SAAB as a development company for technologies in turbo charging, crash safety and interior ergonomics.

Sadly the Idiots that run GM cant see past their large paychecks, in order to see there is a huge market for SAABs in a place called................ EUROPE (they will be wondering what planet that is on...........). and therein lies the rub...... GM is as american as they come, all about their employees and their stupid factory worker's pension schemes, and in the process of bein so patriotic, cant seem to be able to see further than the american borders when it comes to building cars. From my experience, european cars such as Saabs, Audis, BMWs, and Mercs have always, and will always be better than american cars for this reason.

When will someone in high authority such as the President of the US Mr Obama, or our very own PM Mr Brown, realise that the car market is being crushed by a few men in shiny suits, that clearly have no idea how to run a multi national car manufacturing business.

It is a crying shame to see such prestige car manufacturers as SAAB suffer at the hands of fools.

29 December 2009

[quote Autocar]a GM spokesman said it was continuing to press on with shutting Saab down and it had no plans to change the situation.[/quote]

This really annoys me. GM has said that although they will commence with closing the brand down as of December 31st. They will still consider bids from interested parties.
That's quite a big difference in my book.

Autocar can you please stop printing half-truths. I'd have thought a magazine with an interested in cars would be more Pro-keeping SAAB alive than writing them off so for the rest of your sodding careers you can write about how friggin exciting the inside of a Nissan is.

Is this really what we what from our future transport options. Battery operated tin-boxed with bland design language?

GM may not have helped SAAB in those areas for the past 20 years but that doesn't mean that SAAB themselves don't have the drive and spirit to get their company back to where it was when GM bought them.
SAAB had some pretty good years in the 80's, leading the market in engineering and innovation. It's not their fault that a load of bean-counters have tried kill the brand since they bought it. Now with 2 interested companies still wanting to buy SAAB, GM really should do the honorable thing. However; I don't think GM has a clue what honorable dealing is, as they wouldn't have screwed the OPEL sale up, the Saturn sale, dragging their feet with HUMMER, the Koenigsegg deal.

I've printed once and I'll print it again. GM couldn't organise an orgy in a brothel. 4 Failed sales of their brands should be enough proof for anyone I think.

29 December 2009

[quote Hirsch Performance]It is a crying shame to see such prestige car manufacturers as SAAB suffer at the hands of fools.[/quote]

So you would be happy to see it sold to even bigger fools…

"Spyker, a ten-year-old maker of hand-built sports cars, has never turned a profit. Last year, the company produced 43 cars and lost nearly $36 million. Do the math: That's a loss of $825,00 on each car produced.

And that was a good year. In 2007, the company lost $3.9 million on each car produced.

It gets worse. A man named Vladimir Antonov, chairman of Russia’s Konvers banking group, owns a large stake in Spyker. Vladimir is the son of banker Alexander Antonov, who was shot five times in the stomach, chest and finger as he left his house on March 11. Antonov lost his finger but survived the attack.

At the time, the Russian newspaper Kommersant speculated that the mafia-style hit was related to the Kaliningrad Seaport, a business venture that involves both father and son."

You don’t need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
—Robert Allen Zimmerman

29 December 2009

I think it would be plain stupid of the idiots at GM to shut down SAAB when there is still a possible deal to be had. SAAB gave GM so much technology. I've a good mind to punch whoever is the brains behind this 'shutting down' business. Who would do that when a deal can still be done to save SAAB?!?! I really hope a deal is reached, or else I will never ever buy a car made by GM again. In fact, come to think of it, I never have done anyway! I hope they can be saved.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

29 December 2009

with GM anything is possible who knows whats next they might decide to keep saab after all as they did with vauxhall/opel bunch of numpties

29 December 2009

Tis a sad thing to say (especially as an ex SAAB driver), but I think that SAAB's future is already cast.... i.e. it will not be saved.

This is particularly disappointing as

  • the new 9-5 looked very promising - particialrly as this car seems to build on the traditional SAAB values and revert back (in a positive way) to previous products that capture the brand's DNA much better that the current range

  • GM has systamtically destroyed a once proud brand - by not have a cohesive product plan, starving SAAB of investment.... and then not properly executing comptitive models when something new was (finally) launched (and these were unfortuently based on last decades re-heated opels - which were not competitive when they were launched, let alone being used 10 years later for a new 'premium' product)

  • the reasosn for GM buying SAAB have never really been successfully tapped into.... the impectable skills of developing cars that were both EXCITING and SAFE! Ford may not have been the best custodian of VOLVO, but it did learn and use VOLVO technology well (safety, turbocharging, engines, platforms, etc)

Sorry SAAB and all SAAB staff worldwide, but the general let you down!

29 December 2009

Sorry guys, If GM's recent behaviour is any guide, I'd advise Victor Muller against investing too much energy in this. I desperately hope I'm wrong but I fear that GM are wasting everyone's time again.

29 December 2009

Werent Saab making substandard cars prior to the GM takeover? Its interesting everybody is quoting Saab as a 'Quirky' and 'Induvidual Brand'.....if the cars were that good GM wouldnt have had to buy it in the first place. Yes GM have made a hash of it as they have with all their other Brands but i fail too see how Spyker could do much better, after all a car company has to have buying power to make it work, how is Spyker ever going to be able to make a profitable car for them and an affordable one for us...... after all who in there right mind would ever pay 50K + for a Saab just to be an induvidual and thats how much they would have to change for a 93 size car to be profitable, unless of course they start to share platforms and engines again...... and then you are back to stage one!!


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