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CEO is still hopeful of securing Saab; GM could extend deadline if it gets a suitable offer

Spyker CEO Victor Muller is still hopeful of completing a deal to buy Saab from General Motors by the end of 2009.

GM has said it will begin to close close Saab down from 31 December unless a suitable offer is received for the ailing Swedish firm and Muller is still confident of an agreement being reached.

"I am very hopeful, I have been from the start," Muller told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. "We have done all we possibly can. Given that [GM's] deadline is December 31, I really expect they will be in contact soon."

However, according to the Bloomberg news agency, GM may be willing to extend the self imposed deadline should it receive an 'interesting' offer for Saab. Saab board member Paul Aakerland told Bloomberg that the 31 December deadline "is not a date that's holy" and GM would be willing to consider offers it feels are suitable after this date.

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realdriver 29 December 2009

Re: Spyker still hopeful of Saab deal

Saab made excellent cars before GM stepped in. The 900 was individual and objectively very good even at the end of it's lifespan. It was a bit outdated, just like Porsche 911's were at the same time (early 90's). The replacement produced from the Vectra was an inferior car in many respects (I've owned both). Saab was/is a premium brand, it should excel in some areas, but GM just never understood this. At least until recently, I actually quite like the 9-3 revamp, the new 9-5 and all the latest show cars.

Having said all this, I'm not sure if selling to Spyker is that good either...

Adam the Great! 29 December 2009

Re: Spyker still hopeful of Saab deal

Anyone can do better than GM did with Saab, I mean its not like its hard to do something better than GM>

VX220EDDIE 29 December 2009

Re: Spyker still hopeful of Saab deal

valid point there andre